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Modern Style Decor: the Modern Italian Leather Sectional

Michelangelo Designs, modern italian leather sectionalThere is nothing quite like a modern Italian leather sectional. Modern and contemporary style are more often confused and missed used in decorating. Thought they may kind of look the same or sound the same there are some distinctive elements. The most distinctive element of modern style is, that it’s based on designs that came out during the 20th century. That’s is a big difference, modern interior decor is the complete opposite of contemporary style.

Contemporary interior design are bolder in colors and architecture as opposed to modern Interiors. Modern style furnishings or more toned down to more natural materials and neutral, earthier colors. Clearly on opposite sides of the spectrum and the interior designing world. Modern styles lean towards monochromatic colors.

The simplicity and cleaned ornamental design actually comes from German and Scandinavian architecture and design. Modern furniture is simple and soft because of the way it’s made. Designs of all modern furnishings reflect its intended purpose, in other words if a decorating detail service no practical purpose then why are use it at all? Plus, we can see how specific an easy modern decor is to decorate any space.

Therefore if you enjoy clean and simple uncluttered spaces then the modern style enter the court is for you. There is no modern interior without modern Italian leather sectional so here are some elements to keep in mind when choosing modern furniture. Some of the furniture will have certain structural elements left exposed to add more texture.

Modern furniture will have fewer curves as opposed to traditional and contemporary furniture. Is there a nature I will have horizontal and vertical lines, making it look clean and fresh. Sink, unpainted wood, many exposed metals, leathers and lots of natural fibers. Materials like, steel, chrome or glass are most commonly used for surfaces in modern furniture.

So don’t get flustered if you get confused between contemporary style and modern. There’s clearly a thin line between the two. Modern style reflects a certain area, which is why it’s super easy to use due to its simplicity and clean cut edge. Modernism was birth in the middle of the 20th century 1900s three 1950s. From 1950 to 1960 we have what’s called a favorite of ours mid-century modern. And closing the 20th century we have post modernism which was between 1970 and 1980.

Therefore when decorating your home in a modern style, choosing modern furniture should be easy. Remember the following, minimalistic designs, smooth surfaces, and clean architectural straight lines. A trip to my Michelangelo designs will save you from looking anywhere else.

Modern Italian Leather Sectionals At Michelangelo Designs

Here at to Michelangelo designs, we have a wide variety of modern Italian leather sectional choices. Perhaps every modern Italian leather sectional manufacturer says that but believe us when we see this. We have two story short that showcases the best of you telling furniture. Not only do we have traditional furniture but we also carry lots of modern furniture pieces. We have partnered up with some of the best high-quality Italian furniture brands on the market. So whatever style you were deciding to decorate your home with you can contact Michelangelo designs.