A Style Guide to Contemporary Italian Design

Michelangelo Designs, contemporary italian designIf you enjoy keeping up with current and a modern styles of the moment then contemporary Italian design is for you. Modern homes are labeled to have a certain aesthetic being cold and minimalist, but in today’s homes, contemporary interior design is actually quite the opposite. Contemporary Italian design is warm and welcoming as opposed to being dark and cold. This particular contemporary style can be adopted from offices to loft apartments and even traditional homes.

There are some basic fundamental rules to stick to in order to achieve is contemporary space. A contemporary style is defined by simplicity, clean lines, and texture. Contemporary interiors are slick and fresh. The main colors used in this interior style are, neutrals, black and white. These are the main color palette because it’s been bumped up with bright bold colors being off from the furniture accessories.

Interior designers conclude that the most distinctive element of a contemporary style is the Wi-Fi already a line work. From straight vertical or horizontal, to curvy lines are the star of the show. Then what exactly does this mean? The line work is found in the architectural details like high ceilings, bold colors, geometric shapes in wall art décor and rugs etc. Think about the motto less is more.

What is contemporary interior design without contemporary style furniture? Contemporary furniture is also bold but at the same time is a lot softer and uncluttered. Thanks smooth clean sleek or expose texture like linen or silk. Avoid fringes or tassels on furniture or curtains. Such decor, makes the room feel cluttered and busy which is the complete opposite of contemporary.

Let’s not forget flooring, light and art. All of these three together create the overall feel of the space. Floors in contemporary style homes are usually bear, so choose between word, tile or vinyl. Add texture or color by using geometric pattern area rugs. The usage of different lighting is also important. You can use spotlights, cove lighting, or indirect light. This will create a focal point to where you want your guests to focus on. Metal, stone, and opaque is recommended in order to style contemporary home.

To complete decorating your home also use large plants and flowers to make a dramatic space. Frame art pieces and equal level and hang them close together in order to create a feeling of one large piece. In a contemporary home, don’t clutter items, open space is just as important as all your accessories.

In conclusion, decorating and contemporary style is actually a harmonious marriage between modernism and postmodernism. It’s always changing. Which is why it appeals to such a great audience. Contemporary style is an ever evolving style, it’s not tied to a specific period time, and rather it’s just as the court trends of the day that is considered contemporary. All I know, this interior decorating style or those that find furniture as an ornament more important than functionality.

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