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Modern Furniture Design Trends – from the 70s

The 1970s represent a distinct shift in 20th Century design sensibilities.  In the wake of the Hippie movement, men took off their neckties, opting for leisure suits in pastel colors replete with patch pockets and flared trousers.

The mainstream responded to counter-culture by co-opting and elaborating on it.  This trend extended into the home.  Suddenly the Bohemian aesthetic of the “Hippie pad” was creeping into suburban homes and urban brownstones, manifesting itself in some key ways.

And right now, the 70s are making a comeback, especially in furniture design trends and home décor.


If you miss the plush, tactile quality of velvet, now’s your moment.  Velvet is enjoying a resurgence in modern furniture design trends, covering sofas, chairs, chaise longues and benches.  Whether crushed or spun of the finest silk, velvet is on the menu.

velvet piece of furniture

But the return to handwoven textiles is also strong.  These can be introduced in wall hangings, sisal and shag rugs and oriental tapestries and carpets used as décor.  Layered or anchoring a sitting or dining area, these create a strong statement.

Color and form

Of all the design trends associated with the 1970s, color is one of the most ubiquitous.  Orange had a strong position in the styling of the times, accented by rich chocolate shades.

One large statement piece in orange says all you need it to, especially when the piece you’re using the color for is over-sized and sculptural.  A modular seating arrangement lends itself particularly well to bringing the 1970s into your living space.

Harvest gold is another key color, cooled by neutrals in macramé decor and the luster of teak, for dining tables, buffets and other wood elements, after the Danish modernist model.

orange sofa

The vintage touch

Employing vintage furniture pieces from the 70s is a balancing act. When you’re thinking about transforming your space to reflect modern furniture design trends from the 70s, you’re thinking about introducing key pieces which hail from the era.  Combining these with modern, rustic or Bohemian looks can work very well and is, indeed, part of this design trend.

This can be done in the living, dining, bedroom and other areas of the home by choosing distinctive, recognizably-vintage furniture to combine with what you already have.  Re-creating your existing aesthetic to bring the 70s into your interiors can be achieved by selecting quality consignment furniture.

Is the leather on that chair in the window a bit battered?  Even better.  The theme of this design trend is warmth, comfort, eclecticism and the gentle post-Hippie aesthetic.

Peace and love in the home?  Yes, please!

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