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A Luxury Wooden Sideboard for a Classic Living Room

Your classic living room is where you share your personal style with friends and family.  It’s a point of pride for you and a revelatory expression of who you are, when visitors join you for the evening.

And a luxury wooden sideboard for a classic living room is a prestigious addition to the space’s ambience, speaking volumes about your taste, style and what you value most in life.

Luxury is the message and there’s no medium more appropriate for sending it than the lustrous, timeless quality of wood.  Whispering of time-honored craftsmanship and painstaking detail, a luxury wooden sideboard brings warmth and depth to your classic living room.

luxury wooden sideboard

A Glorious Past

Also known as a “buffet”, the sideboard’s most common location is the dining room.  While this is a practical choice, the living room is often the site of gatherings which require space to arrange canapes and cocktails in an elegant display which appeals to the eye and offers entertaining convenience.

Originating in the 18th Century, the sideboard established itself in 19th Century Europe, as continental householders’ fortunes increased during the Industrial Revolution.  In Italy, where all beautiful things are revered, the sideboard is known as the “credenza”.

Today’s wooden sideboard has its origins in the homes of those prospering in the crucible of monumental change, displaying their wealth in intricate wood inlay and costly veneers.

What Does Your Sideboard Look Like?

A luxury wooden sideboard for a classic living room can take numerous forms, drawing on the styles and traditions of the time frame in which this item of furniture rose to popularity.  But you may choose to express your personal vision with an ornate, Baroque version, or an Art Deco interpretation.

It all depends on you, your vision and your taste.

At Michelangelo Designs, we understand the impulse to individuality in interior design.  That’s why we’ve gathered an elite selection of Italy’s most acclaimed furniture design houses at our expansive showroom and warehouse.

Professionals in the Trade can appease discerning tastes with the riches found here at the first and only Italian Design Center in the USA, where the cure for the common is abundantly manifested.

wooden sideboard buffet

Italian Craftsmanship

Michelangelo’s mission brings to the USA’s shores the ultimate in Italian craftmanship and quality.  The artisanal expression of Italy’s legacy of creating beauty is seen in the classic reproductions of Fratelli Bianchini and the world-changing hands of Angelo Capellini.

Your luxury wooden sideboard for a classic living room is here to be discovered.  Uncommonly stunning, expertly crafted and hewn from the finest woods, our selection is drawn only from Italy’s most renowned furniture designers.

The Cure for the Common

Trade professionals know their clients and Michelangelo Designs knows Trade professionals.  We know they seek the ideal match to client vision, so we’ve created an exclusively Italian resource, exclusively for the Trade.

The cure for the common is here, at Michelangelo, waiting to grace the classic living rooms of your clientele with Italian luxury.  Professionals in the Trade are invited to schedule an appointment.