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Italian Ottomans: Small but Mighty 

Michelangelo Designs, Italian ottomanThere’s no better feeling than finishing a decorating project, especially when it’s a project concerning your home. The living room is one of the many rooms as a homeowner we must take pride on decorating since guests get to see it. From the TV console to the armchair, and the sectional, there are various ways to go about it. However, there is one piece of furniture that usually gets unnoticed and mainly because it looks like it serves no purpose, but we beg to differ. We are talking about Italian ottomans. 

The ottoman is a piece of furniture that is versatile and comfortable enough to be used as a footrest, a stool or even a coffee table. The ottoman is the ultimate piece of furniture you’ll need to complete your desired look. Ottomans are mostly used as footrest, and are usually placed in front of your favorite armchair or couch. This small piece of furniture can hold enough weight to act as extra seating. Moreover, it is also sturdy enough to become a coffee table and even a storage bin.

As you can see, owning an ottoman is a dream come true for anyone that is in need for functional and versatile furniture. Ottomans have become very popular in the furniture world for this very reason. However, not all ottomans are designed the same. They come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. To help you in deciding which ottoman to take home.

Today we will have a quick run-through of the top types of Italian ottomans everyone wants. 

First up we have the ottoman coffee table. The ottoman coffee table is unique, because of its sturdy flat surface, it is capable of holding your drinks. The neat thing about this ottoman is that it can act as both a coffee table and a footrest. Next, we have the storage ottoman. This ottoman becomes any parent’s dream. Being able to hide toys and having to look chic at the same time is a form of art. It is a smart spot to store your blankets, magazine, and even your remote control. Storage ottomans usually are square or rectangular with a lid that can completely be lifted off or it can swing open with hinges. 

Furthermore, we have the glider ottoman which matches perfectly with a glider or rocking chair you might already have. Can there be a more comfortable combination? I think not. Glider ottomans are a staple piece in nurseries but will also fit perfectly in your family room. Last but certainly not least we have the tufted ottoman. The tufted ottoman is mainly for aesthetic reasons, yet it still serves its purpose as a cushion for your feet. It elevates a room’s elegance with its presence. 

Ottomans are truly the ideal furniture piece we must all own. They serve a dual purpose. What better way to end a long day from work than to lay back and relax your feet on a comfortable ottoman? Pick your desired shape, and fabric it can be leather, velvet, even suede! Contact us today to explore the never-ending possibilities.