Top 3 Italian armchairs of Ego Italiano

Michelangelo Designs, italian armchairsEverywhere you go, we see the various ways people sit down. Whether it is on a bus, eating at a restaurant, waiting in a doctor’s office, or just sitting at the comfort of your living room on a Sunday afternoon. Chairs are everywhere. Today we will gear our attention to the different types of Italian armchairs we carry at Michelangelo Designs. Michelangelo Designs is the home for all Italian furniture designs. Italian furniture incorporates some of the most advanced styling when designing. We carry all the different styles your interior designing craves, beginning from traditional, to modern, to contemporary and transitional luxurious furniture. 

Michelangelo Designs is the home for all high-end Italian furniture designs. We host some of the top brands in Italy. We also carry various armchairs for any type of interior decorating style. Italian armchairs may sound like a furniture piece we really do not pay much attention to, but it can really make or break a rooms aesthetic. Armchairs, or accent chairs, as we call them come in different types of designs, and fabrics. 

Among all of Italy’s most desirable Italian furniture brands, Ego Italiano’s craftsmanship is like no other. Ego Italiano has a variety of armchair designs, that will catch your attention. If you are searching for a modern yet timeless piece to sit down and just relax, Michelangelo Designs has just the right fit for you. 

Ego Italiano boasts some of the best armchairs, you can think of. Let us begin with the Kelly swivel armchair. The Kelly armchair is made with your option of Italian leather or Italian microfiber. It is set on a tubular steel circular base with the options between chrome or titanium finish. Like many other armchairs, Kelly is a manual armchair, rather than an electrical armchair. 

The Honey armchair by Ego Italiano is a modern twist to the regular armchair. It comes in three different versions: fixed, swivel, or rocking mode! How soothing does that sound? The honey armchair also comes in various colors of luxurious Italian leathers, fabrics, microfiber and upon request may be customized in a removable version. It is the perfect dad chair since it can be made with two handy magazine pockets placed on the outer side of the armrest. 

However, if you prefer to ditch the manual armchairs, and are indeed in search for an electric or battery-operated armchair, then check out the Mira armchair. The Mira armchair was produced for those who look for the seat’s maximum comfort. It is the armchair that delivers greatest relaxation due to the double electric mechanism that activates the backrest and the seat’s independent movement. 

Italian Armchairs At Michelangelo Designs

All of Ego Italiano’s furniture designs come in various eco-friendly Italian leather, microfibers, and fabrics. Thus, if you are looking for the perfect armchair to sit down and read a good book or looking for an accent chair that can complete that empty space, that has become an eye sore in your designing ego, Michelangelo Designs has the perfect armchair for all your designing needs. 

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