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Italian Nightstands – Types And Styles

italian nightstandNothing screaming “adulting” like having a harmonious balance in your bedroom. Long gone are the days of disorganization and clutter. The bedroom is the ultimate room in a house because it’s the only place where no one can bother you. It’s meant to be cozy, warm and organized. Then what really creates an overall cohesive atmosphere in a bed room? Believe it or not are the bedside tables. Whether you get one or a pair, it can really showcase your personal style.

Types Of Italian Nightstands

Then which type of Italian nightstand is the ideal match for you? Because there are many different styles of Italian nightstands to choose from, deciding which one matches your home décor, may become overwhelming. Thus, why we will break down the common types, styles, and shapes to make this a breezy journey, and hopefully by the end of it you know which night table to add to your bedroom family.

The main basic types of Italian nightstands are: chest, cabinets, table and the newest member is the smart nightstand. Bedside chests, are a lot shorter in height in comparison to your typical dresser but have much more storage space inside their drawers. They give a clean and sophisticated look for a night table.

Bedside cabinets also offer plenty of storage space but instead of a row of drawers, they have one or two drawers and a cabinet with a door to store larger items. Whereas an Italian bedside table is more for the aesthetic pleasure than for functionality. They have less storage than the aforementioned nightstands.

Lastly we have the smart night stands, and they are exactly what you’re thinking. They are designed to incorporate features like an outlet port, USB ports, and Bluetooth. Needless to say that we really have come a long way in the furniture world in the way we have modified furniture to fit in our time. Italian night stands also come in various styles as well.

Italian Nightstand Styles

If your style is more traditional than baroque (Louis XIV) night stands are right for you. This style is very ornate, with intricate wood carvings, painted details and gold everywhere. We then have the rococo style which is known for their exaggerated curvy legs. The Bombay chest style is curvy all around the structure and has above average storage limit due to its unique style of shape.

Next, we have the provisional nightstand. These night stands are known for their scalloped detail, curvy legs and nature-inspired wood usage. Finally we have the shaker style nightstand, which is recognized for its long sleek legs and single drawer anatomy. Let’s not forget the modern and contemporary style which have clean lines, open-space and minimalistic aesthetic.

All in all we can see how as time has passed us by, furniture designing styles have evolved and only the best have stayed this long. Night stands also come in various shapes such as pedestal, cube, and round. As far a material goes, from fabrics to wood shades the possibilities are limitless. Here, at Michelangelo Designs we have Italian nightstand galore from some of the best Italian furniture brands on the market, so you will not be disappointed.