Italian End Tables: What Style is For Me?

Contemporary Italian End TableTo complete the overall look of your living room you probably have a checklist of some sort to abide by. Whether we get inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram’s hottest posts, everyone wants their homes to feel cozy and well put together. This is why furniture pieces like Italian end tables, are an important addition to your living room. Most people feel like they have to decide between a coffee table and end tables, but why not invest to have both?

Italian end tables live on the side or corner of your sectional. They are designed to perfectly fit next to your couch, in order to give you enough space to swing your arm comfortably so you can access your favorite drink. In comparison to just having a coffee table, if you only have a coffee table then you’ll be forced to bend and get up time and time again to sip, And who wants to do that?

Considerations When Buying Italian End Tables

End tables are overrated, so this is why more people need to consider purchasing Italian end tables. Therefore, depending on your interior designing styles, there are various end tables to choose from.  From the design to the shape, materials used, and the number of legs, trust us, there will be an end table for you.

5 Designs of Italian End Tables

First off let’s take a look at the five designs these tables come in. Italian end tables come in the design of a table, nesting table, drum, c-table, and trunk. Each design is according to your own preference but they also have their pros and cons. For example, the trunk design sounds like a great storage saver until it’s time to move the things you’ve placed on top to access the bottom. (If you don’t mind doing this, then this end table is perfect for you)

Common Shapes of End Tables

Overall, Italian end tables are handy when you know how to use them and accessorize them. Up next, we have the common shapes end tables come in. They come in round, square, rectangular, triangle, free-form, oval, and half-circle. So, regardless of what shape you decide to get, keep in mind space, if any, that surrounds your couch. Being to balance the room correctly becomes aesthetically pleasing when done right.

Materials of Italian End Tables

Now, the fun begins. Let’s talk about the material. The material can actually be customized to your preference. Italian end tables depending on their manufacturer may come in wood, metal, and glass. There’s also the option to have a marble granite top, and even rattan/wicker but these options are totally your preference in style and interior décor. 

A design feature that can significantly impact the overall look of an end table are the legs believe it or not. Italian end tables may have four legs, three legs, for a more ornate design there’s a pedestal design, a flat base, or for a more casual feel, we have the cross-leg design. 

Contact Michelangelo Designs for Italian Furniture

Overall, regardless of the design and style, you decide on, it’ll be the perfect match for you and for your home just stop by and see for yourself at Michelangelo Designs. We work with the latest contemporary Italian furniture brands that will bring the unique end tables to life.

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