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How to Choose the Best Dining Room Table for Your Home

dining room tableIn 2021, over 70% of Americans surveyed planned to redecorate their home during the year. Simple changes to home decor can make a significant impact on the aesthetics and function of your home. Still, it can be difficult to find the best pieces to fit your new home decor style. 

If you are redecorating your kitchen and dining area, getting a new dining room table can make an instant impact on your space. Do you need help learning more about the different types of dining room tables and the options you can choose from? 

Keep reading this guide for everything you should consider to find the best dining room table. 

Inspect Your Space

When you are choosing a dining room table, the first thing you must do is inspect your current space. Unless you are planning on making major renovations to your kitchen or dining area, you need to find a dining room table that will match your current space and your current needs. 

For example, you need to see how much room you actually have for a dining table. This will help you choose the right size for your table. 

You also need to consider what your primary use will be for your dining table. Are you looking for a table for a formal dining room? Or will your dining table be used every day for things like schooling and work? 

Considering your use of the space will help you select the right material. 

Research Materials

Next, you must research the materials available for the dining room table. Different materials will differ in durability, style, and maintenance. 

For example, you could get a wood dining table. Wood is quite durable and will not wear out as quickly as other materials. Plus, the warmth of the wood can improve the appearance of any space. 

If you aren’t planning on using your table for everyday use, you could select a material that requires more maintenance. This includes materials like glass, marble, and other finishes. Make sure you consider the durability, style, and price when you are researching dining table materials. 

Choose a Table Shape

Next, you can pick the shape of your dining table. The most common shapes that you can select for your table are square, rectangular, round, or oval. 

When selecting a shape for your dining table, you need to consider a few different factors. First, how many people do you want to seat at your table? If you are looking for a table that can accommodate many people, you may want to choose a rectangular dining table. 

You should also consider the size of your dining area. If you don’t need to seat as many people at the table or have a smaller, more compact space, you may want to select a square or a round dining table. 

You can get the best of both worlds by selecting an oval dining table. While they make it easy to seat several people at the same table, the lack of corners on oval tables creates visual interest and makes the table appear smaller. 

Select a Dining Table Height & Size

Selecting a dining table of the right height and size for your space can be tricky. You need to find a table that is big enough for your needs, but not one that occupies too much space in your dining area. 

When it comes to height, you can find dining tables of standard height, counter height, bar height, and more. Standard height tables offer the widest selection and are the most common table height. It also makes it easy to sit comfortably with your feet on the ground. 

Counter height tables and bar height tables are higher off the ground. They offer a more casual look for your dining table and typically require higher stools.

You also need to choose the right diameter for your dining table. This size will depend on how many people you need to seat at your table and how much space you have in your dining area. 

Think About Other Features

Finally, you should consider other features that you may want to have on your dining table.

For example, you should think about the types of bases or table legs you want for your dining table. For longer rectangular tables, you may want to consider trestle supports. This provides extra leg room and makes it easy to avoid kicking table legs while you sit at your dining table. 

You can also find tables with pedestal supports. These are often found on small, circular dining tables. 

Lastly, you can select a table with traditional legs to support the dining table. The legs are placed on each corner of the table and make it easy to maximize space at your dining table. 

Other features you may want to look for in a dining table include detailing, expandable leaf options, and more!

Looking for a Dining Room Table? 

When you are investing in a luxury dining table, you need to carefully research your options. Considering each of these factors will make it easy for you to find a pretty dining room table that will meet your needs and style for years to come. 

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