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The Definitive Guide to Italian Coffee Tables

Michelangelo Designs, Italian coffee tablesThe coffee table has become a staple piece in modern-day living rooms. As furniture has evolved, coffee tables haven’t changed much and that is what makes a home more welcoming. There are a wide variety of Italian coffee tables on the market. But with so many different options may confuse you and lead you to the wrong coffee table for your living room. You must consider the following; construction, table top, overall material and style of the coffee table itself before coming to a decision.

Construction is important because it is based upon the existing furniture you already have. Nowadays there are various materials to choose from as well. Long are the days of only having to choose between wood and metal, now you can find a coffee table is made from glass and even acrylic. Thus, your options are limitless but with the careful understanding, you will be able to find the perfect coffee table for your lifestyle and interior décor.

What is the most common material used to bring a coffee table to life and this is because with its timeless nature wooden curves it is easier to shape and style. The second most common coffee table type are those that use metal as their construction material. As opposed to the wooden coffee table metal tables are more lightweight and have dinner legs.

Moving away from the most obvious of characteristics we have the glass coffee table. Glass as the material has become quite popular in modern and contemporary homes because it gives a sleek futuristic look. Going for a more modern feel we have what looks like glass but for a fraction of the price and without the heavyweight we have acrylic. Acrylic coffee tables are perfect for any modern setting.

Now, let’s understand all of the surface materials options for your coffee table. This is another important checkpoint because the table top surface material is what you and your family will be touching all of the time. Choose between glass wood, metal, marble, leather and even rattan. Glass and metal top tables are steam and water damage proof. Wood table tops give a warm feeling in any space because of its natural wood color.

Whereas a leather top coffee tables make a soft surface to act as a footrest but adding a tree for drinks transform into a luxurious one of a kind coffee table. Marble top coffee tables are quite heavy but gave a very contemporary feel to any atmosphere.

Coffee tables really tiny a room together so serve your casts a cup of tea or create memories with your family on a cold night drinking hot chocolate by placing your beverages on a coffee table. We got it buying furniture is not easy. So please take it one step at a time. See all your options and narrow them to your liking. Believe us with all the options out there they’re surely is the coffee table for you. If you need help choosing the right Italian coffee table for your home, contact Michelangelo Designs for a no obligation consultation.