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Customizing Italian Furniture

Michelangelo Designs, custom Italian furnitureCustomizing Italian furniture sounds expensive and time consuming but this is no longer the case. Having your furniture custom made allows the craftsmen to build the furniture according to your specifications. This allows you to decide on the color, type of materials used, finish, and design. Doesn’t this sound like any designers dream? 

Even if you haven’t had the luxury of working alongside an interior designer, our sales representatives at Michelangelo Designs have 35 years’ worth of experience under their belt, of not only designing custom made Italian furniture but also being able to work harmoniously alongside the best high-end Italian furniture brands in the world. 

Michelangelo Designs takes customizing Italian furniture a step further.

When our clients come into our warehouse, they get the full on experience of a life time. You get to see, and feel  all of the different furniture Michelangelo Designs has displayed. We carry from traditional, classical, neoclassical, to modern, and contemporary furniture designs. The best part that we take pride on is; it’s all 100% made in Italy.  

Customization is introduced to the client when in most cases the room they are furnishing already has a theme and they would like to purchase furniture pieces to match that certain aesthetic. The process is super simple and fast. Swatches of the different fabrics, leathers, marble finishes, metal finishes are shown respectively according to what the specific brand offers. 

Let’s not forget about the dimensions! Getting the precise measurements for your custom made furniture is the most important. That is why it is important to the Michelangelo Designs team to have their clients come in with layouts of the room to be furnished  and build around that.  Custom made furniture takes around 8 to 12 weeks, to be ready for shipment. It may feel like a long time but we stand by the wonderful Italian craftsmanship all of the brands we work alongside with. 

High-end Italian furniture is on the exclusive end of the spectrum. But you aren’t just purchasing a common couch you can order from online and hope it fits your living room. You are investing in a timeless piece of Italian furniture that will stick around for years to come and that my friends is why Michelangelo Designs does what it does. Michelangelo Designs wants to share all of the beautiful craftsmanship from each of the brands respectively.

As mentioned before, we carry various furniture styles. For instance, Ego Italiano specializes in contemporary living room pieces such as sofas, loveseats, and armchairs. Whereas Mantellassi, and Angelo Cappellini, stand on the more traditional side, creating beautiful hand crafted desks, tables, and armchairs. Nonetheless our contemporary brands like MIDJ, and Compar share the same vision of versatile and sustainable furniture. 

Overall, though these brands have been creating timeless furniture for a long time, they all offer custom pieces so that you may have the peace of mind that whatever you have decided to pick may be produced with the highest quality of materials Italy has to offer. Doesn’t this sound like any designers dream? Contact us today for a quote.