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Majestic, Welcoming, Elegant: The Classic Luxury Armchair

The classic luxury armchair is a fixture in elegant spaces all over the world.  From fine hotels, to high-end restaurants and lounges, to your own living room, the armchair is a symbol of coddled comfort.

From the traditional wingback, to the overstuffed chair and a half, the classic luxury armchair invites you to settle into its enveloping comfort and relax.

No living room seems like home without at least one.  Majestic, welcoming, elegant: the classic luxury armchair is a tradition unto itself.


5,000 Years of History – The Chair

The earliest known chair isn’t a chair at all.  Rather, it’s a sculpted depiction of a chair, looking much the same as what we know today as a kitchen chair.  Dated between 2,700 BCE and 2,800 BCE, the sculptor is of a seated harp player.

In the world of the Ancient Egyptians, chairs were status symbols.  While the rich used them, everyone else sat on the floor or on stools.

The Greeks were later to invent the “klismos”, an elegant prototypical model for the Golden Age of seating, which didn’t come until the 18th Century, almost 2,000 years later.

These were heady days for armchairs, when the wealth generated by international trade gave birth to designs like the Louis XV armchair – one of the stylistic precursors to the classic luxury armchair we see in sophisticated spaces today.

Form and Function In Harmony

Through time, many cultures have adhered to traditions of sitting on the floor or reclining on low cushions.  In the West, we generally choose to sit on chairs, but Eastern traditions have been influential in transforming attitudes here, in that regard.

For those of us married to the tradition of the seated posture, the classic luxury armchair is the epitome of luxurious comfort, redolent of cool nights spent before a roaring fire in cozy study, book in hand.

And the form that our armchair takes in our imaginations can be anything but feather-stuffed, cushy splendor, to the masculine leather tufting of the classic club chair.

At Michelangelo Designs, we present Trade professionals with the full spectrum of armchairs, fit for discerning clientele decorating homes, hotels, condominium developments and clubs.  For any space in which people gather to relax and enjoy elegant surroundings, the classic luxury armchair is an integral element which offers high-level design’s enviable form, united with the demand for function – comfortable seating.

red armchair

From Italy with Luxury

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And with over 1,000 textile selections, you know you’ll find that ideal armchair.

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At Michelangelo Designs, you’ll find the cure for the common, from Italy with luxury.  Trade professionals are invited to contact us to book an appointment.