Investing in High Quality Custom Furniture for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the sanctuary of the home.  It’s where you sleep, relax and pamper yourself.  A highly personalized space, your bedroom is an important part of your residence that people too often tend to bypass when thinking about adding high quality custom furniture.

But it’s your special space, so it’s worth taking the time to consider how you can add the luxury of custom furniture to your beloved sanctuary – the bedroom.

This post will explore investing in high quality custom furniture for your bedroom, key pieces which may be ripe for an upgrade and treatments that bring the thoughtfulness of your overall decorating and furnishing themes into the most intimate part of the home.

Mantellassi bedroom


Even if your bedroom is small, adding a seating element brings another touch of luxury and repose to your personal retreat.

Whether you choose an elegant slipper chair in tufted velvet, or have space for a sinuous chaise longue, seating in the bedroom contributes to an air of intentional privacy and exclusivity.

Add a small, round table in one of the new high gloss finishes to bring a luxurious glow to your seating area.  If your space won’t accommodate a larger seating area, a slipper chair with a whimsical cushion that complements your décor or a luxurious throw in a natural fiber, provides an additional level of pampered personal privacy.

Lighting and mirrors

Beautiful lighting solutions are one of the most important features of the bedroom.  From chandeliers over the bed to heighten its focal attraction, to bedside lamps on either side to bring your space symmetry and ambiance, lighting should never be overlooked in this space.

But the effect of the right lighting can be taken to another level when its illumination is reflected in well-placed mirrors.  Mirrors bring sparkle and a kind of magic to any space and this is no truer than it is in the bedroom.

The warm glow of light reflected in mirrors increases the ambience and lends the illusion of space, while reflecting the experiential aspects of your décor’s mood back to you.

Headboards and bed frames

The focal point of the bedroom is where you lay down at night – the bed itself.  Beyond the mattress (which is incredibly important), the frame and headboard are of to be carefully chosen.  We’d say that the bedframe and headboard are the foundation on which the rest of the room is built.

Choose a headboard to suit the mood of the room.  From four-poster treatments to sleigh beds to wraparound head and footboards, the market is limitless in terms of stylistic treatments.

Flirt with the trend to luxurious, tactile fabrics with velvet in a jewel tone against a tranquil, deep wall color.  Or make your bedding the star of the show with a neutral toned frame that works with changing seasons, but never competes with your bedding treatments as you change them.

Above all, select the pieces that speak to you of luxury and relaxation.

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