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Baroque Furniture in Today’s World

Beginning in Rome, Italy, Baroque is an artistic movement that is characterized by its dramatic and opulent features. Baroque art features a lot of movement, emotions, and grandeur that was expressed in music, traditional art, and architecture. Like other forms of expression the way in which furniture was designed also exhibited these same characteristics. Baroque furniture contains a lot of curvature, gold accents, and colorful patterns that are expressive and demonstrates exuberance.

Although this movement began in the 17th century this does not indicate that the style is no longer seen in homes. Baroque style furnishing has remained popular and is returning to contemporary homes. Instead of going all in with Baroque style furnishings, mixing various styles leads to an interesting combination and one that balances out. If you would love to include this type of furniture into your home without making it seem too traditional, these tips will assist you in incorporating Baroque pieces into your home.

Mixing Eras and Styles

If you would like to incorporate Baroque inspired furniture without it taking over your space don’t be afraid to mix styles. Pair the curvature of Baroque furnishing with the style elements of other furniture; straight lines, no pattern, neutral tones. Instead of clashing all the pieces will balance and work together into a cohesive piece.


Since Baroque era furniture is full of rich colors and patterns, pairing a piece with other furniture that have solid, neutral colors can compliment one another. Using white can also be a helpful way of toning down the expressive tone of Baroque furniture. Using soft colors balances the opulence of Baroque furniture and incorporates it more into a room. With soft colors in the background, some gold accents usually found in Baroque furniture, will give the room a pop of Baroque expression without being overdone.

Keep it Simple

Treat the furniture like accent pieces. Include a couple of pieces that blend seamlessly with the environment. Another option is to also choose a single piece and make it the focal point of the room. The surrounding style will elevate the Baroque piece while bringing it into the contemporary world.

Following these steps will make it possible to include this style into your contemporary home. It is possible to bring this 17th century furniture into the modern world through these simple tips. Maintain your contemporary style while blending Baroque through the use of color, mixing styles, and choosing specific pieces.