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How to Use Luxury Custom Furniture in Your New Jersey Home


You’re ready to add a little luxury to your home.  Now that you’re well-established and the kids are grown and on their way out the door, you’re ready to invest in luxury custom furniture to make your dreams of a gracious living space come true.

But maybe you’re hesitating.  Maybe you believe that adding luxury custom furniture to your New Jersey home is going to make everything else look dated or shabby.  But it’s vision that dictates how you’ll achieve the desired effect and vision is a highly individual thing.

In this post, we’ll give you a little nudge in the right direction about how to use luxury custom furniture in your New Jersey home.  We hope to send you off inspired and ready to make the changes that re-create your home environment.

luxury living room furniture

Setting the Scene

Your first and most important step is taking stock of what you’ve got.  Do you want a more profound change than just a couch or a pair of tub chairs can manage?

Changing the setting is a good place to support the introduction of luxury custom furniture.  When you have the wall color and flooring right, it’s easy to build your dream.

The question of color right now isn’t limited to paint or the shade of laminate faux wood flooring you desire.  Color now shoots off in numerous directions, in brilliant statement rugs, tile flooring and wallpapers that can set the scene for luxury custom furniture.

Build it and your new pieces will feel at home with what’s already there.

Choosing Well

The living room is where many people choose to stick their toe in the water when they’re seeking profound interior design change.  How to use luxury custom furniture in your New Jersey home is boldly, but intelligently.

Your sofa may have seen better days, or maybe you need to switch up the coffee table.  But a new sofa is a stellar place to start because from there, you can build your desired theme, gradually exchanging pieces as you move along.

Select something enduring.  The latest contemporary shape isn’t going to work if the rest of your living room veers to colonialist reproductions.  Choose something that works with what you’ve got, upholstered in a lush fabric like velvet in a rich color to complement the work you’ve done on the floors and walls to set the scene.

Don’t Rush

Luxury custom furniture is an investment that will be gracing your home for decades to come, so don’t rush when selecting the piece that’s going to signal a sea change.

Take your time.  Join Pinterest and scroll through the myriad design pages you’ll find there.  When you see something you like, save it to a thumb drive named “luxury custom furniture”.  This way, you’ll develop a clear idea of what you really want and what speaks to you.

Then, choose the luxury custom furniture that inspires you.  You’ll find you want to keep going!

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