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Angelo Cappellini, Where Tradition Meets Contemporary

Angelo Cappellini Born in the Brianza region of northern Italy, Angelo Cappellini has become the leader of designing luxury furniture for over 130 years! Brianza, Italy is considered the district of Italian art furniture, therefore it was only a matter of time for Angelo Cappellini to find success and he did. Founded in 1886, they have created some of Italy’s most breathtaking Italian furniture. Their high-end quality craftsmanship has become well known throughout the world for producing some of the most elegant furniture styles of the past and also for their contemporary redefined designs.

Blending their craftsmanship of woodworking with industrial organization it became the perfect algorithm they have used since the end of the 19th century. Michelangelo Designs boastfully showcases their traditional furniture in our showroom. Here, you will be able to see and feel the qualities of their designs.

Since Michelangelo Designs is the home to Italy’s most renowned brands it is an honor to host such an acclaimed furniture design manufacturer like Angelo Cappellini. Our two story showroom showcases various pieces from Angelo Cappellini furniture and their sister branch; Opera Contemporary.

Therefore, if you are in love with the natural color of wood and the elegance of the natural curve nature has given us, Angelo Cappellini’s traditional furniture is perfect for you. From magnificent dining room sets, down to bedroom sets, living room areas and chairs. Angelo Cappellini produces Louis XV, Louis XVI, Regency, Baroque, Empire and Biedermeir inspired Italian furniture.

To date, Angelo Cappellini shares two branches of their brand with Michelangelo Designs family. Their stylist proposals are aimed for residential and contract furniture. The Angelo Cappellini collection has a more classical taste. Just by taking a first glance at this traditional furniture, you can taste the knowledge of their traditional techniques, like the art of inlaying wood, and high quality workmanship.

A century of creating Italy’s most desirable pieces of traditional furniture is hard to change. However, keeping up with the taste of the people as furniture trends come and go, Angelo Cappellini was not far behind to jump on the bandwagon.

Targeting a more “cool way of living” Angelo Cappellini created their sister brand Opera Contemporary. Opera contemporary uses precious materials and essences to bring their high-end furniture to life. This side of Angelo Cappellini strays away from tradition and is not afraid to play by mixing styles, fabrics, and wood shades.

Buying furniture may sound overwhelming or it may feel like it’s not an important task. But, believe us when we say that furniture says a lot about a person. So if you like traditional furniture, who cares? Get traditional furniture from the experts at Angelo Cappellini. If you aren’t a fan of traditional furniture because it’s a little too mature for your taste. Then, try Angelo Cappellini’s sister branch Opera contemporary’s furniture.

All in all, Michelangelo Designs opens their doors to all interior designers and trade members who are craving to satisfy their designing dreams. Traditional furniture is beautiful because it captures the natural beauty of wood and displays the handmade artistry from master Italian artisans. Whereas Contemporary furniture is a harmonious marriage between traditional and the modern world. With Angelo Cappellini and Opera Contemporary you really do get the best of both worlds.