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Unique Coffee Tables

While traditional style living room furniture has its own charm having a unique, conversation piece is a wonderful way to brighten up your room. And what better way than to bring focus on a coffee table! You can add an interesting piece without completely changing the style of your living room. The key is opting for one that is just unique enough to stand out but still compliments the rest of your furniture.

Below we have some top picks for unique, made in Italy coffee tables. These Italian companies are always up to date with the most popular and new furniture designs.

Book_Pagina_47_Immagine_0003 zac

The Zac coffee table has such a sleek, one of a kind design. You can still store magazines like a conventional table. The table contains a space on its side where you can store items while keeping the top free of clutter.

spin 3 spin 2


The Spin coffee table’s biggest feature is the ability to spin one of the tops! The clear shelf can be spun in any direction. While you can store items in this layer you can also spin in towards you to reach for them. This table is not only functional but functional in a unique way.


The Boat coffee table and end table clearly draw inspiration from boats! But instead of making the connection obvious they are shown in a subtle way. The shape of the tables captures the boat and adds an interesting shape to the living room.

These are just a taste of what the best of Italy has to offer in term of coffee tables. Elevate you living room by adding these one of a kind Italian furniture pieces that are sure to impress your guests. Coffee tables are a small change that can make a big difference in the atmosphere of your home. Whether you want a sleek, modern, or fun Italian furniture piece there is something for every space!