Silik: The Definition Of Elegant Traditional Furniture

Silik traditional elegant furnitureSilik has always proposed superior collections of period furniture. They design furniture styles from past times and bring the back to life in order to fit modern interior designing projects. All thanks to the ability of the most expert craftsmen. Each of Silik’s furniture designs are inspired from baroque down to the era of Louis XVI.

Elegant, traditional furniture doesn’t get better than this. Silik creates the most extraordinary designs reminiscing furniture from palaces and castles in order to reproduce them. Their furniture brand offers a rich pallet of various finishes, fabrics, and decorations for all of their furniture designs.

The designing house of Silik offers classic style furnishings that meet the standards of any interior designers dream. There is no wonder why Silik has gained so much respect among Italian furniture brands. This is because only the best architects and designers in the market create exclusively for the company.

The Silik Italian furniture brand is based in Cantù, which so happens to be called “The city of furniture”. Coincidence? I think not! Silik’s skilled workers design the best high end Italian furniture. That is why Silik has received international respect among the classical furniture sector. They have successfully owned the title of “Made in Italy” on all their product.

Traditional Elegant Furniture At Michelangelo Designs

Michelangelo Designs is the home for all Italian furniture brands that bear the same “Made in Italy” icon. We only showcase the best of all traditional, classic, modern and contemporary furniture. Silik is displayed alongside the best Italian furniture brands in our two-story showroom. The elegance Silik furniture creates speaks the language of the epitome of luxurious furniture.

Silik has succeeded in blending intricate hand carving craftsmanship with advanced industrial production. In order to bring to life all of Siliks decorative parts, Silik uses molding machines that allow new materials, to combine with the wood.  This shows how much dedication Silik has done in researching new technologies in order to meet the most organized production, which can guarantee the best quality for all their furniture.

As a result, Silik’s furniture is fast made and well made. The other side of the finishing process believe it or not is entirely manual! Meaning that it’s done by hand. How delicate does this sound? All of their furniture are refined by the skilled craftsmanship of expert designers. Their passion for art really shows inside all of their furniture. From hand paintings, color shading, to croqueted paintings with gilded profiles to gold leaves with polychromies.

Silik boasts various collections. Their classic collection focuses on their love for classic style furniture, but with a more updated interpretation. Meanwhile, their traditional collection focuses on bringing designs from old palaces and different eras. Both collections, offer dining rooms, sitting rooms, bedroom sets, closet designs, and even kitchen designs.

As you can see, Silik deserves all the praises it has received for its endurance in making traditional elegant furniture last for such a long time in the furniture world. Their passion for Italian art is embedded in all of their furniture pieces. Stop and check out Silik’s amazing work at Michelangelo Designs. Go back in time with Silik’s elegant traditional furniture and explore the innovative designs they have created to shine in the high-end furniture world.

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