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Showcasing: Egoitaliano

egoitaliano sofaLooking for high end, affordable and chic sofas? Michelangelo Designs is the place to be. Established in 1985, we were the first and only Italian Design Center in the USA. Among all the luxurious brands we work with, Michelangelo Designs is proud to showcase sofa designs by Egoitaliano.  Egoitaliano creates some of the top Italian sofa sectionals around the world. Their artistry speaks for itself. Ego has reinvented the essence of upholstered furniture and have recreated the timeless sofa to not only meet design but also comfortability.

About Egoitaliano

Egoitaliano was founded in 2007 in Matera, Italy with one mission in mind: to create furniture that not only looks good but feels good too. One, way or another, our backs have fallen victims to the loss of comfort of an upholstered sofa. This is because upholstered furniture, for decades, has been made to be excessively soft, therefore it loses its luxury through time. That is why Egoitaliano thoughtfully created sofas, armchairs and loveseats that are ergonomic friendly!

Made 100% in Italy, Egoitaliano’s furniture is delicately made from high end luxurious material and made by the hands of master artisans. Ego is a unique manufacturer because you get to pick what you want. They offer over 500 shades of eco-friendly Italian leather and fabrics to choose from. Ego also has various kinds of wood and metal finishes for the base of your sofa or armchair. This means that whether you are an interior designer decorating a new home with a theme, or just a regular consumer trying to replace an old couch from home to match your homestyle decor, whatever fashion you have in mind; Egoitaliano has you covered.

Ego is known for their modern customizable armchairs, sofas, and sectionals which support the human spine, as it was intended to be supported. So, no more slouching, or loosing yourself in your sofa! Egoitaliano’s are mostly known for their electric recliners and adjustable headrests. Some models have the option of electric or manual mechanisms. Other models have their controls operate two electric motors which are positioned between the seat and the armrest and allow you to act independently on the footrest or on the headrest. While, other models are equipped with relax mechanism, available both manual and electric. These controls are placed on the outer side of the armrest. The headrests are equipped with ratchet mechanisms built into the structure of the sofa and are adjustable only manually. How comfy does that sound? Their motto: “Relaxation is fashion”

egoitalianoEgo At Michelangelo Designs

All in all, if you are looking to invest in good quality high end luxurious Italian furniture, Egoitaliano at Michelangelo Designs is a match made in heaven. No other manufacture creates sectionals, armchairs and loveseats like they do. Their passion transcends ordinary furniture stores. Egoitaliano’s craftmanship is very detailed to the consumers preference. From the base of your sofa to the color of the trim, your customizable sofa, armchair or loveseat will be an awesome addition to your home or office. Once, you have a seat you’ll never want to get back up again. Visit our showroom, to see for yourself. If you are searching for design and comfort, you will not regret choosing Egoitaliano.