Finding the Right Shapes for Dining Tables

Shapes of Dining TablesWho knew that there were various shapes for dining tables to choose from? What shape of dining table is best? It’s more than choosing between circles and squares. There are guidelines one must follow and keep in mind when deciding what dining table shape to choose from. 

Main Factors in Deciding What Shape of Dining Table is Best

The main factors that help you decide which table; are the shape and size of your dining room area, and the number of usual guests you serve around your dining table. These details may sound obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many people do not take this into consideration. After being able to match these two factors you will be able to create a serene flow, making your space not only visually appealing but functional as well.

Then where can you find all of the most popular shapes for dining tables? Michelangelo Designs can help you decide. Michelangelo Designs has the most up-to-date high-end Italian furniture in the market. You can choose, from traditional brands like Angelo Cappellini or Mantellassi who create breathtaking wood carving dining tables. You can also choose from contemporary brands like Midj and Compar, which create versatile and functional modern contemporary tables.

Sizes & Shapes of Dining Tables Effect Your Space

The main point to understand in this process is to be able to recognize how the size and shape of your dining table affect your seating capacity. The main dining table shapes of dining tables are round, rectangular, oval, and square and our new favorite free-form. We will lightly touch base where each of these dining table shapes looks best and how many people can sit around it, to help you further understand and ease your decision. 

Now, everyone loves a round table because it exhumes warmth and closeness. This is because round dining tables take up less space than any other shapes of dining tables. They are perfect for small apartments where rooms may be limited. It is crucial to not place a round table in rectangular rooms, trust us it will not look good. Because of their round edges, round tables look best in the center of a square room instead. 

Rectangular tables are long in length and short in width so they are best to be placed in rectangular rooms. They do not work well inside a square room since it’ll feel cramped and oversized. Many people do not favor oval-shaped dining tables because they don’t know how to style them, but that is because oval-shaped tables look best in modern and contemporary spaces. Oval tables are like a cousin of the square table, they are long and short in width therefore they too fit well in rectangular rooms. 

Lastly, square tables are also small and look best in small spaces just like the round table. So square tables look best in square rooms. And last but certainly not least we have the freeform table. Freeform tables are exactly what you think they are, they come in various irregular shapes and sizes so they fit best in large spaces. 

Contact Michelangelo Designs and Find the Perfect Table

All in all, no matter what shapes of dining tables you decide to get, Michelangelo Designs will have it made specifically for you. Did we mention you can also decide on the wood and top finish? Yes! The brands at Michelangelo Designs all carry various types of finishes respectively. Therefore, whether you like rectangular, round or square-shaped dining tables. Michelangelo Designs will make your vision come to life.

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