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Compar: Contemporary Designs At Your Fingertips

contemporary design furnitureThe year is 2020 and we have not only entered a new decade but we have also spiraled through time in the web of fashion. Trends come and go as the years pass by, and it is the same with furniture. Furniture designs vary by what is the trending in the interior designing world. Lucky for you, Michelangelo Designs is home for the most updated, high end, Italian furniture. Among all of Italy’s most desirable brands, Compar expertise’s in contemporary designing.

Compar was born in 1984 in Venezia, Italy with a vision to create sustainable new ideas of furniture made 100% in Italy. The difference in Compar’s furniture is the fact, that their designs reflect different future trends in style. What does this mean exactly? This means you will have a unique piece of luxury furniture made specifically for you. Compar’s philosophy is to design young, colored products that are sustainable, produced from the best quality leathers and materials, right from their motherland; Italy.

Contemporary Design Furniture

Contemporary design furniture refers to modern furniture that is ever changing because it borrows pieces and styles from all different eras and can be very eclectic for that reason. Italy is not only the home for the latest clothing fashion trends but their Italian furniture is also the best quality on the market. This is why Michelangelo Designs is proud to display Compar’s best contemporary furniture designs.

Let’s begin with one of Compar’s best dining table, the Esse extensible table. This dining table is an extensible dining table, which is perfect for when one has unexpected company.  The Esse table has rigid polyurethane painted legs, the metal extends unto the frame and the top is made from ceramic. It is unique because the ceramic top allows it to not only be scratch resistant but it is also heat resistant.  You can’t say that about the good old wooden tables.

Compar has a variety of great Italian furniture, besides the Esse table, they have also created the Oblique table, which is also another extensible dining table but with a twist. The Oblique table comes with the option to be custom made with either a ceramic top or a glass top. Its base comes with the variety to pick from a Canaletto walnut color or a grey oak color base. Whichever piece you decide on, the truth of the matter is, you will be dining on this table for many years to come. Compar is proud of their Italian heritage and are not shy of showcasing it on the quality of their furniture.

We can see how Compar’s vision in regards to contemporary designs is applied, just by seeing how their tables are made. Compar is a favorite brand among interior designers for its sleek, and contemporary designs. This high-end Italian furniture manufacturer, is also proud to be home of the coveted Monika chair.

The Monika chair is always on high demand among western interior designers. Why? It is because the Monika chair is the epitome of contemporary designing. The Monika chair has legs that come in a spectrum of woods; ash grey lacquered wood, walnut wood or burned oak wood. The seat itself is a wooden seat covered with bicolor imitation leather, just in time for our ecofriendly clients. This imitation leather also comes in different options such as clay grey, dark brown back or steel grey, ash grey back. Needless to say that this luxurious Italian made chair goes great with any table.

Finding high-end Italian furniture, is hard to come by since everyone will say they have the real deal. However, Michelangelo Designs is honored to house Compar here on the East Coast because Compar’s craftsmanship proudly lives up to the title of made 100% in Italy. Interior designers along the East coast are always satisfied with their contemporary designed furniture when they choose Compar. As time passes by, Compar’s designs will continue to change but just like any great designer there are some pieces that will become timeless. Michelangelo Designs is the time capsule for all Italian furniture designs, which is why it’s becoming a top stop for interior decorators.