Evoking the past, gracing the present

Serafino Marelli’s timeless furniture design

Nestled in the shadow of the Alps, Como, Italy is an exclusive enclave known to attract celebrities like George Clooney.  Its natural beauty is accompanied by a local love of elegance and understated sophistication, celebrated by furniture designer Serafino Marelli.

Since 1965, the Marelli family has been producing fine furniture evocative of the past, revisioned in elegant fidelity to the memory of a time when craftsmanship and quality were somehow less rare.  Dedicated to reproducing those timeless values, Serafino Marelli has developed a line of premium furniture.  Functional, as modern times demand, the Serafino Marelli design house in East Rutherford, New Jersey has gone to great lengths to reproduce with care pieces which evoke history and the design traditions it records.

The painstaking work of producing some of design history’s most beautifully-made and elegant furnishings have taken the Marelli family fair and wide.  Their quest and mission have been to seek out history’s most stunning interior furnishings and to reproduce them faithfully for the contemporary market.  Poring over historical documents, haunting antique shops and estate sales, the Serafino Marelli design house has created an homage to the past, with its expertly reproduced furniture.

Serafino Marelli at Michelangelo Designs.

Since 1985, Michelangelo Designs has been bringing the ageless sophistication and beauty of Italian furniture to Trade professionals in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  We feature over a dozen of Italy’s most famed designers, including Serafino Marelli.  Our furniture is 100% Italian made, and our business is 100% focused on the Trade here in East Rutherford.

Italian design is a gift to the world.  Michelangelo Designs is here in East Rutherford, New Jersey to share it with Trade pros who want to move beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary, offering the riches of Italian design to East Rutherford’s Trade market.

East Rutherford, New Jersey’s Trade secret.

The architects, developers, retailers and interior designers of East Rutherford all count on Michelangelo Designs and its extensive selection of fine Italian furniture.  In our expansive showroom and warehouse, you’ll find over 20,000 unique pieces of furniture.  But if the finished pieces aren’t precisely matched to your creative design vision, we also offer a large selection of fabrics and woods to customize them to what you’re hoping to achieve.

Flexibility and selection are what make Michelangelo Designs the Italian connection for discerning Trade professionals seeking a cure for the common.  With Italian designers like Serafino Marelli on our roster, you know you can count on the quality of all we bring to the East Rutherford, New Jersey market.

Make the Italian connection.

If you’re an East Rutherford, New Jersey Trade professional seeking a cure for the common in furniture design elements that can create the unique look you envision, it’s time to make the Italian connection.  At Michelangelo Designs, we bring the quality of Italian craftsmanship to trade pros in East Rutherford.

Call to experience the expertise and historical fidelity of Serafino Marelli at Michelangelo Designs.  We’re East Rutherford, New Jersey’s Italian connection for exemplary furniture design that cures the common.