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Finding The Perfect Dining Table Height

dining table heightsHunting for a new dining room table may be something we overlook as first time buyers. One may think that it’s a simple task because all you need is a table with chairs. However, there is more than meets the eye when buying a dining room table. Being able to nail the right dining table height plays a very crucial role to both the functionality and aesthetics of the room, you are desiring to furnish.

Dining Table Heights

Michelangelo Designs carries all of the four common dining table heights in the interior designing world. The most popular dining table heights are; standard, counter height, bar height and extra tall. Our two story warehouse showcases the most coveted Italian furniture brands in the furniture world. Our luxury furniture brings sophistication and versatility.

Choosing between traditional, classic, modern and contemporary furniture all depends on your visual taste. Nevertheless, this is why it’s important to nail the perfect dining table height otherwise the room may not look or feel complete. So, take a seat and let’s go over the common table heights and help you decided on the perfect dining table for your home.

Standard Height

A favorite among families with a wide range of age and movement, the standard height table is the one to go for. Standard height tables are approximately 28”-30” high so their chairs are usually around 18”-23”. Thus allowing everyone in the family to join the fun when dinner time comes.

Counter Height

If you want to create a more of an open concept space in a small room, counter – height tables are perfect for you. These dining tables are about 34”-36” high and usually use chairs with seat heights of 24”-26”. Counter-height dining tables are a more informal look but look very modern and chic.

Bar Height

Now, for a more contemporary feel a bar-height table is the table for you. This table design allows you to have a replica of a bar in your own home. Bar tables are wonderful to have for parties, or if you simply just want table high enough to accommodate bar stools.

Extra-Tall Height

The table that has become an extremely popular design option in modern and contemporary spaces is the extra-tall table. Extra-tall tables are 44”- 47”so you can only imagine the heights of the chairs used. These chairs range from heights of 34” to 40”. Overall, we can see that there really is dining table for everyone.

Making A Decision

Knowing your dining tables height, width and length is vital when purchasing because it’ll either make is easier to pass food around and have enough space to move around or you’ll have a table that only allows you to drink and snack from. Hence, why Michelangelo Designs take you on a journey to find the ideal dining table for your home.

Here, at Michelangelo Designs the possibilities are endless. Not only do we offer dining tables designed by Italy’s best furniture designers, but we also offer armchairs, counter stools, swivel chairs to match your dining table dream. A dining table is an important furniture piece because it’s where families gather together to not only eat but also to create memories.