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Signs it’s Time to Purchase New Living Room Furniture

There comes a time in the life of every living room that change is inevitable.  Your relationship to the space grows stale.  You look around the room and wonder what happened.

You used to love this room.

But time passes.  Tastes change.  Furniture can get a little tired (or a lot).

Let’s learn to read the signs that it’s time to purchase new living room furniture.

When “meh” kicks in.

Have you been forsaking your living room to spend more time in the study, or even at the kitchen table?  Do you avoid the living room?  If that’s the case, you’re well on your way to knowing it’s time to purchase new living room furniture.

When a space you once loved no longer speaks to you to the point you don’t want to spend time in it, it’s time for a change.

living room

You’ve changed.  Your furniture hasn’t.

As we move through life, our tastes evolve and change.  We learn to like different things.  What you once thought was the most beautiful sofa in the world, you now regard with a critical eye, knowing it no longer represents your style.

Listen to your inner aesthetic guide.  If you’ve transcended the furniture in your living room, it’s time to start re-visioning the room and how you plan to transform it to more closely conform to your now more highly-developed tastes.

New pieces aren’t working.

As your sense of style has evolved, you’ve been busily collecting significant pieces to update the space.

But they’re not working.

Sometimes, we get stuck.  A special nostalgia about an easy chair may be at fault, or that the coffee table is an antique left to you by your grandmother.  Getting stuck over sentimental attachments is perfectly understandable, but if you’re being honest – it’s holding you back from realizing your living room dreams.

living room

The signs of time.

All things (including us) are subject to the vagaries of time.  Furniture can become worn and tired looking.  Sadly, while it can be adapted and renovated to extend its life, it doesn’t last forever.

A chair in the corner seems to have lost its color.  You’ve turned that side table around to hide the large mark left on it by a hot coffee cup.  The cushions on the sofa sag forlornly.

These are all signs it’s time to purchase new living room furniture.

It’s sad to part ways with old friends, but change is enlivening.  While you may shed a wistful tear or two over your grandmother’s coffee table, you need to remember that you’re planning to replace it with a piece that will better reflect who you are – right now.

Change is the nature of life and the universe as we know it and sadly, that applies to beloved furniture which may have been around for too long.

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