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Neoclassical Interior Design Style – A Short Guide

neoclassical interior design styleA style that has continued to become as popular as a timeless aesthetic is neoclassical interior design. Between the 18th and 19th centuries ranging from Europe to America, neoclassical interior design was born. This style of interior decor came after baroque and rococo of the 16th and 17th centuries. Nowadays interior designers are contemporary touches to this classical interior style but without losing the essence of neoclassical design.

What Is Neoclassical Interior Design Style?

And what exactly is neo classical interior design style and most importantly what are its characteristics? This particular interior design is actually based upon the homes of wealthy Europeans and Americans of the 1700s and 1800s. Hence you can only imagine, the elegance and luxury new classical furniture in a minute. Tear design showcases elegant molding, carved wood, statues and antiques.

Unlike the baroque and rococo styles, neoclassical interior design style is actually more soft and modest, does being able to gain a space in furniture world. Neoclassical design can be used in modern and contemporary homes as well. Due to its versatility and can easily make a room feel warmer and cozier. This style is characterized by a very mild color palette. This includes white, cream, green yellow, blue green among other muted hues.

Another characteristic of the neoclassical interior design style is it simple and as a metrical furniture. Neoclassical furniture has exposed wood or metal, which creates a sort of outlines of the furniture shape. Some furniture pieces may be embellished with ornamental ends. Furniture pieces are usually made from oak or walnut and mahogany veneer is also a very popular option. As for decorative motives in a new classical space, floral motifs are found in pillows, rugs, and even wall designs.

Inspired by classical elements from Greece and Rome, long gone were the days of heavy ornamentation of the rococo era and then came the feature of the classic online architecture. New classical furniture is more rooted in bringing out the original shape on the furniture piece rather than adding these heavy and bold ornamental pieces. Think of street chair legs, similar to the fluted ancient columns.

Style Your Home

Applying these elements in order to style your home any new classical style can be very fun. Remember to begin with a muted color palette. Don’t forget the rug! A rug can really bring a room together. The neoclassical interior design style tends to leverage antique or vintage rugs. The pattern of the rugs are often nature inspired with soft colors and delicate details. The reason why we are emphasizing a specific style rug is because frogs are among the most important elements of interior designing.

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