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Modern & Traditional Storage Benches

Modern & Traditional Storage BenchThere is no better feeling than to have dual-purpose furniture at home. Furniture that not only looks good but that can be used in various ways is wonderful. Among all furniture pieces, today we will focus on the modern and traditional storage bench. Storage benches come in a wide variety of materials types and styles. That’s why it’s important to understand all your options before your purchase.

Where to Place Your Storage Bench

Like any other piece of furniture, placement plays a crucial part in deciding what type of storage bench is right for you. Think about where you want your new storage bench to live. There are a couple of options like the bedroom, your entryway, kitchen, and even your patio.

For instance, placing a traditional storage bench in your bedroom will most likely live at the foot of the bed for your convenience. Whereas if you decide to place it on the entryway, it’ll most likely be a storage bench so your family can comfortably sit take off their shoes and store them away.

Where you place your modern or traditional storage bench also determines the style it. If placed in the kitchen your storage bench may be used as seating at the date dinner table. Overall the storage bench also works great even on the patio. Storage benches have become a must-have furniture piece in the modern 21st-century home.

Deciding Where to Put Your Modern or Traditional Storage Bench

After you have decided on the perfect place for your modern or traditional storage bench, next is what material you can have it with. Remember location is key because whether it’s indoors or outdoors the material chosen must also be resistible to temperature change or weight change as well. For example, plastic and wicker storage benches are ideal for outdoor scenarios while storage benches work best in your bedroom.

The most traditional of materials is wood would also happen to be the most durable among all materials used for storage benches. It can be easily manipulated which allows it to be transformed into various shapes and styles. Metal storage benches also exist but are usually combined with wood or other materials. These benches are more commonly found in garages.

As mentioned before plastic and Vic are models that are perfect for storage benches on the patio. Both are lightweight, weather-resistant, and can be combined with questions. Lastly w,e have the most common storage bench, made from leather. Leather storage benches usually have a tough top and because of his allegations are mostly found in entryways and living rooms.

Types of Modern and Traditional Storage Benches

Now that we have gotten placements and material out of the way the only thing left is knowing the type of modern or traditional storage bench you want. The most popular of styles is the flip-top. Where the entire top of the bench comes out revealing the storage space underneath. Up Next we have the cubby storage style. This style usually has an open front for easy access to your belongings.

The drawer and shoe storage benches speak for themselves having enough space to store your shoes or to hideaway clutter when unsuspected guests arrive. Once you’ve decided the type of storage you want deciding the style is much more fun. Choose a style that only matches your existing interior Decor but your personality as well.

From traditional to contemporary and modern styles there is a storage bench for you. The only place you’ll be able to see all of these styles in one shot is right here at Michelangelo Designs. We are the home of luxurious 100% Italian-made furniture. Most of the brands we carry have designed their version of a storage bench trust us you won’t be disappointed.