Creativity Unleashed At a Luxury Furniture Store Near Me In Passaic, NJ

I have a keen appreciation for the finer things life offers.  Luxury furniture has always been an obsession of mine in my work as an interior designer.  The elegance of luxury furniture informs my aesthetic.  I use it in all kinds of interiors, from classic evocations of the past to ultramodern spaces, with their sleek sophistication.

Michelangelo Designs has brought the timeless beauty of luxury furniture to the Trade in New Jersey for over 30 years.  I was ecstatic to find the wide diversity of outstanding design at Michelangelo’s luxury furniture store near me in Passaic, NJ.  They’re New Jersey’s premier destination for the matchless quality of luxury furniture and an opportunity for Trade pros to give full rein to their creativity.

Michelangelo Designs brings exceptional craftsmanship to New Jersey’s Trade professionals.  Architects, retailers, real estate developers and interior designers like me know they can find the full breadth of luxury furniture at Michelangelo.

Their 60,000 square foot warehouse houses the endless riches only an exceptional luxury furniture store near me in Passaic, NJ can.  I go to them when I need inspiration.

Limitless possibilities.

The extraordinary range of luxury furniture at Michelangelo fires my imagination.  Through this amazing resource, I have access to pieces which inspire.  The selection there speaks to my creativity and opens the door to limitless possibilities.

At Michelangelo Designs, Trade professionals can craft finely customized, strikingly elegant spaces.  The world’s most prestigious designers are at my disposal, but Michelangelo reaches well beyond that.

They offer professionals in the New Jersey Trade over 1,000 fabrics, including lustrous leathers.  Also available in their vast selection is a range of exceptionally fine woods, allowing designers to bring so much more to their creative visions.

With Michelangelo Design Center, the diversity of design I need to create sumptuous spaces for my discerning clients is satisfied.  Their vast selection of luxury furniture is a creative playground.  This luxury furniture store near me in Passaic, NJ is where my imagination goes to play.

Michelangelo Designs’ ground breaking model integrates luxury furniture’s sophistication with the outstanding ingenuity of local Trade pros.  Together, we make New Jersey a more sophisticated place.

They’re my indispensable resource for design that’s of the very highest quality and integrity.    Exceptionally elegant.  Unmistakably luxurious.  Michelangelo Designs invites Trade pros to the diversity and excellence of luxury furniture, sharpening creative vision to become the very best it can be.

The cure for the common at Michelangelo Design Center.

With Michelangelo, you’ll enjoy the quality and elegance of the world’s most acclaimed furniture brands in their showroom and warehouse.  They’ll take you on a journey through the world’s most sought after design excellence, inviting you to go beyond the mundane and reach for the sublime.

If you’re a creative Trade professional who reveres luxury design as much as I do, you’ll find a valuable ally in Michelangelo Design’s luxury furniture store near me in Passaic, NJ.  Call for an appointment.  Set your creative spirit free with Michelangelo’s cure for the common.