An Inspirational Luxury Furniture Store Near Me In Montclair, NJ

The elegance of Luxury furniture informs my creativity as an interior designer.  I’ve always been an avid fan of luxury design, fascinated by it’s excellence and innovation.  I use it in a wide variety of settings, from classical whispers of the past to bold modern interiors which challenge tradition.

The exceptional beauty of luxury furniture has been presented to Trade professionals by the Michelangelo Design Center for three decades.  Finding the design excellence at Michelangelo’s luxury furniture store near me in Montclair, NJ was my dream come true.

They’re New Jersey’s premier outlet for the unmistakable quality of luxury furniture and a stellar opportunity for Trade pros like me to immerse themselves in inspirational design possibilities.

Michelangelo offers a universe of fine craftsmanship to Trade professionals in our state.  Architects, retailers, real estate developers and fellow interior designers find the full sweep of luxury furniture design at Michelangelo.

It’s where bright interior design ideas happen.

Michelangelo’s 60,000 square foot warehouse houses the myriad design treasures only an outstanding luxury furniture store near me in Montclair, NJ can offer.  I rely on them to light my creative fuse.

The possibilities are endless.

The incredible diversity of luxury furniture is something which fascinates me.  Michelangelo Designs gives me full access to its richness and variety.  The selection at Michelangelo never fails to inspire me.  It opens the door to interior design excellence, offering me endless possibilities.

Trade pros can craft distinctive interiors which reach toward the sublime, at Michelangelo Designs.  The world’s most fabled designers are all available to Trade pros here, but Michelangelo goes above and beyond.

At their Design Center, Michelangelo offers Trade professionals more than 1,000 upholstery choices, including rich leathers.  Their vast inventory also features a range of exceptionally fine woods.  The variety here allows designers to take their creative visions out to play.

Michelangelo offers me the flexibility I need to create exceptional interior spaces for discerning clients.  Their outstanding range of luxury furniture is where creativity is honed to an art.  This luxury furniture store near me in Montclair, NJ is a place for my imagination to run wild.

Michelangelo Designs’ unique facility is where luxury furniture’s quality and elegance meet the design excellence of New Jersey Trade pros.  Together, we’re making this state’s interiors even more elegant.

Michelangelo is the Trade pro’s premier resource for the quality of luxury furniture.  Michelangelo Designs invites you to discover the craftsmanship and unparalleled beauty of the most luxurious brands available.  Here, design professionals give flight to our creatives visions.

Cure the common at Michelangelo Designs.

At Michelangelo, you’ll have access to the superlative quality and sophistication of world’s most coveted furniture brands.  Trade pros are offered the highest quality and finest craftsmanship available anywhere.

If you’re a Trade pro with a passion for luxury design, you’ll find a universe of creative inspiration in Michelangelo Design’s luxury furniture store near me in Montclair, NJ.  Call for an appointment.  Cure the common with Michelangelo and see where inspiration can take you.