An Outstanding Luxury Furniture Store Near Me In Garfield, NJ

As an interior designer, the elegance of luxury furniture speaks to my creativity.  I’ve always been a devotee of luxury design’s excellence and innovation.  I incorporate it into a variety of design settings, from evocations of the past to sleek contemporary interiors, with their futuristic simplicity.

The unparalleled quality of luxury furniture is the mission of Michelangelo Design Center, who’ve been bringing it to Trade professionals since 1985.  Discovering the design diversity at Michelangelo’s luxury furniture store near me in Garfield, NJ was a dream come true.

They’re New Jersey’s source for the matchless quality of luxury furniture and a unique opportunity for Trade pros to abandon themselves to inspiration.

Michelangelo Designs brings the world’s most acclaimed furniture design traditions to Trade professionals in our state.  Retailers, real estate developers, architects and fellow interior designers find the rich variety of luxury furniture design at Michelangelo.  This is where I get some of my most innovative ideas.

Michelangelo’s 60,000 square foot warehouse is the epicenter of a wealth of design only a high-quality luxury furniture store near me in Garfield, NJ can boast.  I visit them to free my imagination and fire my creativity.

Where everything’s possible.

The endless design possibilities offered by luxury furniture is a personal obsession.  At Michelangelo Designs, I have access to those possibilities.  Michelangelo’s almost limitless selection unleashes my creativity, throwing open the door to stunning interiors.

At Michelangelo, everything’s possible.

Trade professionals can craft striking interior spaces which reach beyond the mundane, at Michelangelo Design Center.  The world’s most revered designers are all available to Trade pros here, but Michelangelo goes further.

Michelangelo offers professionals in the Trade over 1,000 upholstery selections, including sumptuous leathers.  Their enormous storehouse of materials also boasts a range of exceptionally rich woods.  This variety allows designers to bring a distinctive edge to our creative visions.

At Michelangelo, the flexibility I need to design luxurious interior spaces for discerning clients is realized.  Their vast assortment of luxury furniture is my creative playground.  This luxury furniture store near me in Garfield, NJ is where my imagination goes to play.

Michelangelo Design’s innovative facility is where luxury furniture’s sophistication joins the design expertise of New Jersey Trade pros.  Together, we’re making New Jersey interiors infinitely more striking.

Michelangelo is the source for world class quality.    Agelessly elegant.  Strikingly sublime.  Michelangelo Design opens the door to the craftsmanship and superlative quality of luxury furniture for interior design professionals, enabling us to realize our creative visions to their fullest potential.

Cure the common with Michelangelo.

Michelangelo invites you to experience the legendary quality and elegance of the world’s most admired furniture brands in their showroom and warehouse.  They offer Trade pros access to the most sought after craftsmanship and quality.

If you’re a Trade professional with a passion for luxury design, you’ll find a universe of inspiration in Michelangelo Design’s outstanding luxury furniture store near me in Garfield, NJ.  Call for an appointment.  Cure the common with Michelangelo and unleash your creative impulse.