Transforming Interior Spaces with Lugano Furniture

Michelangelo Designs – your Lugano connection.

Interior designers look at an empty room in the same way an artist surveys a blank canvas.  Where most of us see an empty space to fill, interior designers see possibilities.  They see seating areas which are warm and inviting and elegant ways in which the light in any given room may be used to enhance its beauty.  They see the potential of space to reach beyond the functional toward the sublime.

Michelangelo Designs in New Jersey honors these transformative visionaries who work to transcend the average.  Working exclusively with Trade professionals, we’ve been bringing the superior quality and sophistication of Lugano furniture to New Jersey since 1985.

For more than thirty years, we’ve built our own tradition of being New Jersey’s connection to the modern sophistication of Lugano furniture.  Michelangelo is the cure for the common and the design support interior designers call on in their transformative work.

As the first and only Italian Design Center in New Jersey, we bring the Italian tradition of elegance to local Trade creatives.  From interior designers to architects, our clients come to Michelangelo Designs knowing they can draw on the contemporary elegance of Lugano furniture to further their design visions.

In our endlessly diverse 60,000 square foot warehouse, we represent the exquisite contemporary simplicity of Lugano furniture for New Jersey Trade pros who seek a cure for the common.

Lugano furniture design – contemporary excellence.

Lugano furniture is world-renowned.  There’s something about the streamlined simplicity of this brand of furniture that graces interiors with a uniquely contemporary vibe.  The curve of a sectional sofa evokes the gentle feel of Art Deco design, while bringing it forward with the sleek ease of incorporation into any modern interior.

At Michelangelo Designs the possibilities for Trade professionals to create uniquely breathtaking interior spaces are unlimited.  With more than a dozen of Italy’s most prestigious designers, we go beyond furniture.  We provide New Jersey professionals in the trade with over 1,000 fabric selections, including fine leathers.

At Michelangelo Design Center in New Jersey, Trade professionals will find their need for creative flexibility decisively answered.  With more than 20,000 unique pieces of furniture which provide the cure for the common, we offer Trade professionals a wealth of creative opportunities.

Together with our extensive selection of Lugano furniture, Trade pros are offered transformative possibilities that never end. Michelangelo Designs in New Jersey brings Lugano furniture’s sophistication to American ingenuity.

We’re the source for the contemporary artistic design excellence Lugano furniture is so renowned for.  Michelangelo Designs opens the door to Lugano furniture’s excellence, while providing Trade pros with limitless possibilities to create custom work for their discerning clientele.

The cure for the common at Michelangelo.

We invite New Jersey Trade professionals to call and book an appointment.  We bring the New Jersey Trade the contemporary sophistication of Lugano furniture.  For modern interiors redolent of Lugano’s internationally recognized sophistication, Michelangelo is your source.  We’re here to help New Jersey trade pros transcend space with transformative, creative vision.