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Let’s talk: Italian Sofa beds

italian sofa bedLive in a studio apartment? Or have an extra bedroom in your house? Regardless of your situation, you want to maximize every square foot of your living space. The living room section is an oasis for family and friends to not only gather but it also serves as an emergency sleeping area if need be. There’s nothing worse than sleeping on the floor or on a couch when you happen to overstay at a friends or family’s home. That is why, sofa beds are a must have essential for any home.

When we think of sofa beds, your back is probably already aching. It is because for generations we have believed that sofa sleepers are not only uncomfortable to sleep in but to sit on as well. Fear no more, now we are in the year 2020 and furniture has evolved for the better over the years. Sofa beds now, are not only about functionality but are designed to give you the ultimate comfort.

Italian Sofa Beds At Michelangelo Designs

The idea of a collapsible bed was first introduced around the year 1899 but it wasn’t until 1982 that the futon pull-out sofa bed was launched into the world.  Many furniture companies offer sofa beds however, no one has the best of the best other than Michelangelo Designs. Here, at Michelangelo Designs you will find some of Italy’s best Italian furniture manufactures. Among the many brands we have, EgoItaliano’s and Fdesign Italia sofa beds are a dream come true.

A sofa bed is meant to provide all the comfort you would expect from your bed. From mechanical to manual, sofa beds now come in various shapes, a variety in fabrics and colors, and you can decide what size mattress you’d like to have. Our Michelangelo Designs showroom is equipped with our top three best selling Italian sofa beds by EgoItaliano and Fdesign Italia.  Our bestselling Italian sofa beds are the Amalfi, Spider and the Cecilia.

Fdesign created a contemporary version of the pullout sofa bed and named it: Amalfi. Amalfi has a synchronized opening through backrest tipping, revealing a 7-inch-high mattress and orthopedic bed base with electro welded mesh and elastic belts on the seat. It may sound like a lot, but it is super convenient to transform from a sofa to a bed. The Amalfi sofa bed frame comes in wood and agglomerate of wooden fibers. Fdesign has also designed a more modern sofa bed named: Spider. The Spider sofa bed by Fdesign combines simplicity and elegance with a stainless-steel base.

EgoItaliano not only creates some of the best Italian sectionals but also boasts the Cecilia sofa bed. The Cecilia sofa bed comes with an orthopedic bed and it comes with extra pillow storage. This sofa bed is available in a variety of configurations and sizes. All the above-mentioned Italian sofa beds from EgoItaliano and Fdesign come not only in different sizes but also in various mattress sizes, like twin, queen- and full-size mattresses. In addition, they also come in a variety of high-end Italian eco friendly leather and luxurious different colored fabrics.

All in all, sofa beds are a very underrated piece of furniture, but in this time, we dare say it is a staple timeless piece, that should be welcomed in any home. Therefore, check out Michelangelo Designs, the home of all high-end Italian furniture, and see the elegance and functionality of EgoItaliano and Fdesign’s sofa beds.