The cure for the common

Italian interior design – bringing style to Clifton, New Jersey.

The international reputation of Italy hinges on millennia of design excellence.  From the ancient Etruscans to Giorgio Armani, Italy is world-renowned for the artistic beauty and timeless style it stands as a symbol of.  In every corner of Italy, beauty can be found.  The ancient ruins of civilizations long past dot the countryside, providing a window into history and the transcendent works of art wrought in its passage.  In the shadow of the Coliseum and the stately Mediterranean pine, Italy’s tradition of artful living has a long and proud history.

Italian interior design is part of that great, Italian tradition.  Informed by the uniquely Italian love of beauty, Italian interior design is evocative of countless ages past, integrating the riches of recorded history with the 21st Century demand for function.  From the rustic to the majestic, Italian interior design is known world wide for its creative innovation and evocation of Italian design traditions.

Discerning Clifton, New Jersey interior designers come to Michelangelo knowing they can source the full breadth of Italian design excellence in our 20,000 square foot showroom.  With access to our richly stocked 60,000 square foot warehouse, we’re the Italian connection for Trade professionals who need just the right look for their interior design projects.

An Italian interior design playground.

The epochs of Italian interior design are many, spanning history from the Imperial Era through the sleekness of contemporary styling.  The diversity of Italian interior design is legendary, the world over.  At Michelangelo Designs in Clifton, New Jersey, Italy’s tradition of extraordinary interior design is found in all its incarnations.

Featuring Italy’s most renowned design houses, the possibilities for Trade professionals to create uniquely breathtaking interior spaces with Michelangelo Designs, are endless.  We provide Clifton, New Jersey’s interior designers with over 1,000 fabric selections, including fine leathers.  We extend that selection to a range of woods, allowing interior designers to bring an even sharper creative edge to their visions.

Michelangelo Designs offers the type of flexibility those working in Italian interior design crave.   With 20,000 unique pieces of furniture, we provide the cure for the common.  As the Italian interior design connection in Clifton, New Jersey, we offer designers and other Trade professionals a creative playground.

For your residential Italian interior design project or the re-visioning of a business reception area, we’re the source for extraordinary Italian design inspiration.    Uncommonly elegant, Italian interior design finds its ideal home with us.  Michelangelo Designs opens the door to Italy’s tradition of sophisticated design, right here in Clifton, New Jersey.

Discover Italian interior design excellence.

Michelangelo Designs deals directly with Trade professionals.   We invite you to call for an appointment.  Come experience the eternal elegance of Italy’s most luxurious furniture brands, in our extensive showroom and warehouse facilities.

We bring the Clifton, New Jersey Trade all that Italian interior design has to offer, from the muscular sophistication of the Roman Empire through the simplicity of 21st Century modernism.  Come discover the cure for the common at Michelangelo Designs.