Top Brands from an Italian Furniture Store Near Me in Nutley, NJ

When buying from a reputable Italian furniture store near me in Nutley, NJ, there is confidence in having the opportunity to consider many top brands. Even better, each brand has its own style of furniture, which expands options even further. Instead of choosing furniture that everyone owns, most consumers look for unique pieces that have a rich and sophisticated design aesthetic.

Great Brands Sold at an Italian Furniture Store Near Me in Nutley, NJ

The list of brands available at a top-rated Italian furniture store near me in Nutley, NJ is extremely impressive. Among the best are Angelo Cappellini, Bianchini, Compar, Diemme, Dellarovere, Domus Design, Ego Italiano, Mantellassi, Modo 10, Opera, Serafino Marelli, Silik, Sevensedie, and many others.

To better understand why these brands are in such high demand, consider the following examples.

  • Bianchini Italian Art Design – Founded in 1967, this company manufactures furniture in Verona, Italy. They have a line of contemporary and traditional furniture pieces made with unrivaled craftsmanship. The company also offers multiple wood finishes, as well as different leathers and fabrics.
  • Modo 10 – This company first started in 1968 and today, it ranks as one of the best for contemporary Italian furniture. The goal of this family owned and operated business working out of Verona, Italy is to produce detailed furniture that surpasses all expectations.
  • Silik – Founded in 1961, this company’s furniture is made in Cantu, Italy. In addition to their contemporary line of Italian furniture called Creazione, they offer gorgeous traditional pieces. What makes this furniture maker so unique is that the collections are based on old traditions balanced with modern design elements.

Beautiful Designs From an Italian Furniture Store Near Me in Nutley, NJ

As part of each brand are stunning furniture pieces, each with unique style. From the Ego Italiano brand, the Scarlet sofa is an excellent choice. Made from the finest Italian leather, this sofa comes in beautiful colors that range from a vibrant mustard yellow to a more subdued cream. This sofa is also available in both the standard and sectional style.

From the Compar brand, the Cloe line features modern chairs made from polished metal and supple leather. There is also the Helena sofa, made from fine leather, the Art L310 wood dresser with sleek lines, and, from Angelo Cappellini, amazing benches to grace any foyer or entryway.

Standing Apart From The Others with Gorgeous Italian Furniture

To achieve originality, pieces that come from a trusted Italian furniture store near me in Nutley, NJ are perfect. Regardless of which room in the home is being transformed or the number of pieces ultimately purchased, this type of furniture never disappoints. All of the furniture designers mentioned, as well as others, take immense pride in their work that is evident in the finished products.

Michelangelo Designs

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