Contemporary versus Traditional: Buying from an Italian Furniture Store Near Me in Garfield, NJ

Although transitional-styled pieces are available in sellers of reputable Italian furniture near me in Garfield, NJ, most pieces are either traditional or contemporary. Regardless of which style you prefer, buying Italian furniture is an excellent way to bring class and sophistication into the home.

Many of the traditional pieces incorporate designs that are generations old. However, because of the artistry and imagination that Italian furniture designers possess, these pieces have a more modern appeal while still boasting old world charm. As for contemporary pieces, designs run the gamut. For instance, some pieces are only slightly modern while others have an almost futuristic look and feel.

Buying Contemporary Pieces at an Italian Furniture Store Near Me in Garfield, NJ

For contemporary-styled pieces, a reputable Italian furniture store near me in Garfield, NJ has an impressive variety to offer. Whether shopping for a new sofa, entryway bench, coffee table, accent chair, wall unit, or something else, the options are truly amazing.

One example is the Sirio sofa. This design includes slim, sleek legs that support a modern style sofa covered in rich leather. Wall units are also available, which come in different sizes, designs, and finishes. Although there are many unique choices, the black wall unit with a taupe colored stripe and the solid colored taupe unit are stunning. Both of these wall units are designed with sliding doors for convenient storage.

Buying Traditional Pieces From an Italian Furniture Store Near Me in Garfield, NJ

Just like contemporary Italian furniture, a broad range of options for traditional pieces are available. For instance, included in the Serafino Marelli brand is a gorgeous china hutch with beautifully finished wood and sculpted legs. For a hutch with more drama and flair, there is a hutch with a golden finish, ornate detailing, three glass shelves, and a stunning red background that perfectly showcases decorative items.

Buying the Best

While some pieces of Italian furniture are more expensive compared to other types of furniture, not all are. In fact, Italian furniture has become increasingly more popular and, therefore, more affordable. Of course, trust in buying the best pieces comes from choosing a respected Italian furniture store near me in Garfield, NJ. This ensures superior furniture but also great prices and a solid guarantee.

Buying from a trusted furniture store promises high quality. Whether interested in wood or leather furniture, consumers want and deserve the best.

The Top-Rated Italian Furniture Store in Garfield, NJ

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One thing that makes us unique is that the collections we carry spark emotion through elegant and sophisticated designs. To speak to a representative or get information about one piece or an entire collection, please contact us today.