The timeless sophistication of imported Italian furniture

Michelangelo Designs brings it to Clifton, New Jersey.

Italy’s history and culture of the appreciation of beauty is a source of fascination for people around the world.  With its ancient Etruscan and Roman ruins, its romantic, rustic hilltop towns and tradition of artistic excellence, Italy is the land of dreams for many.  Internationally admired, Italy is a country in which design excellence has flourished for millennia.

Michelangelo Designs has brought the outstanding quality and timeless sophistication of imported Italian furniture to the Trade in Clifton, New Jersey since 1985.  For more than three decades, we’ve created a unique tradition of our own – being Clifton, New Jersey’s connection to the unparalleled elegance of imported Italian furniture.

It was the vision of Michelangelo Designs which established the first and only Italian design center in the United States of America.  From this unique facility, we bring Italy’s tradition of elegance to Trade professionals in Clifton, New Jersey.  From architects and real estate developers to interior designers and retailers, our clients come to Michelangelo knowing they can source the full breadth of Italian furniture design excellence. Our amply stocked 60,000 square foot warehouse contains the wealth of imported Italian furniture design for Trade professionals who seek a cure for the common.

Imported sophistication.  Creative play.

Italian design spans classical evocations of the Roman Imperial Era through sleek contemporary looks.  The design diversity of imported Italian furniture is legendary the world over.  At Michelangelo Designs, the many ages of Italy’s tradition of breathtaking furniture design are all found in one convenient facility.

Possibilities for Trade professionals to create uniquely breathtaking interior spaces abound at Michelangelo Designs.  Representing Italy’s most prestigious designers, we don’t stop at the furniture itself.  We provide retailers, designers and architects with over 1,000 luxurious fabric selections, including fine leathers.  We extend that selection to a range of woods, allowing Trade professionals to bring an even sharper edge to their design visions.

At Michelangelo Design Center, we offer the creative flexibility sought after by Clifton, New Jersey Trade professionals.  With 20,000 unique pieces of furniture, we offer Trade professionals a creative playground – one on which their creative vision is brought to life.   Michelangelo Designs’ innovative model marries imported Italian furniture sophistication to Clifton, New Jersey ingenuity.

We’re the source for the elegant design found under the banner “Made in Italy”.    Uncommonly sophisticated.  Uniquely Italian.  Michelangelo Designs opens the door to the diversity and excellence of imported Italian furniture, right here in Clifton, New Jersey.

The cure for the common in Clifton, New Jersey.

We invite Trade professionals to call and book an appointment.  Experience the quality and elegance of Italy’s most luxurious furniture brands in our extensive showroom and warehouse facilities.  We’re here to take you on a journey through Italy’s vibrant art, history and its timeless tradition of design excellence.

We bring the Clifton, New Jersey Trade all that imported Italian furniture design has to offer, from the timeless glory of the Roman Empire through the sleek simplicity of the 21st Century.  Come discover the cure for the common at Michelangelo Designs.