Hot (and Not) Interior Design Trends for 2018!

Times change and so do interior design trends.  That’s not to say you should run out and replace the contents of your home.

Nope. That would be foolhardy (and wasteful).  Rather, incorporating interior design trends for 2018 may be as simple as a few key tweaks to bring your residence up to the minute.

This post is dedicated to hot (and not) interior design trends for 2018, that you need to know about.  There’s a lot of design news out there right now and a lot of it’s going to make your life better.  All of it’s going to make your home more aesthetically pleasing.

Crypton Textiles

At Michelangelo Designs’ Italian Design Center, we offer professionals in the Trade over 1,000 textile selections, so this is one we’ve dog-eared for future reference.

The demand for greater sustainability in our consumption habits extends to the fabrics we use to dress our walls, furniture and beds.  Sustainability demands that we consume less, so many of us seek durability.

And that’s where crypton textiles are making a difference.  Once upon a time, this type of fabric was universally known for its stiffness and monotonous solid colors.  But today’s rendition offers an array of patterns and a pleasing tactile quality that’s making it a growing trend in interior design.

living room eclectic style

Statement Rugs

As most of you reading will know, Minimalism is on the way out.  The practical seagrass and sisal rugs so popular in that design schema are giving way, this year, to something altogether different.

Statement rugs.

Bold colors and unusual patterns hold sway in 2018, paired with throw rugs in faux cowhide, zebra and other animal prints to create a pleasant, cozy chaos.

And everywhere you go, you’ll find abstract weaves and traditional kilims making it to people’s walls to make the most of this trend.

In general terms, the new trend toward saturated color, lush fabrics and a living space that’s filled with all the beautiful things you love is, in a word, Maximalist.  But Maximalism keeps its eye on sustainability, with the trend toward crypton textiles.  Lush excess needn’t sacrifice environmental responsibility.

So. what’s not hot?  Let’s see a couple of trends we’re happy to see the back of.

Country Clutter

The days of handpainted wooden roosters lining your kitchen cupboards are (mercifully) over. So are self-consciously whitewashed woodwork, anodized aluminum and rose gold fixtures and fittings of all kinds.   Adieu.  You won’t be missed.

Wishy Washy Colors

Blush isn’t really a color.  It’s more an absence of enough color.  This year look for super-saturated, high-pigment shades that are who they say they are.

Timidity is a thing of the past.  One of this year’s hottest trends is a farewell to blush and grey and a hello to all the vibrant colors of the rainbow.

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