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The History Of Headboards & Why You Need One

As a child we rarely cared about how our bedrooms looked, so we can safely say that we really didn’t pay any attention to our furniture. However, as we began to leave our childhood, into adolescence, and finally into adulthood, our interior designing tastes began to wake up. For instance, an essential piece of furniture that we take for granted is none other than, our headboard.

The History Of The Headboard

Headboards, in ancient times were created for the sole purpose of blocking cold drafts during the night, allowing people during that time to sleep warm and cozy. Headboards date back to the Pharaoh’s in Egypt, where bed headboards, were used to be a sign of social status, The Greeks, updated the wooden and stone headboards with cushions for extra support, thus giving birth to the 21st century bed headboard we know of today.

Italian Headboards

A bed set is commonly the most expensive item of furniture in a home. Therefore, why not splurge on a luxurious Italian headboard, which will last you a lifetime? Then, where can we find the best headboards in the market? You can find them, here at Michelangelo Designs. Michelangelo Designs is the dwelling place of high-end Italian furniture.

Italian furniture is well known around the world to be of the finest quality, for its artistry and expertise. Inside of Michelangelo Designs showroom you will be able to witness the luxurious high-end Italian furniture, and try the most desirable bed sets among grade-A designers. Because Michelangelo Designs houses so many Italian furniture brands, today we will focus on our top 3 brands that offer the best bed headboard with matching dressers, and night tables.


Opera butterfly bed with wrap-around headboard

Opera contemporary has produced one of the best modern bed sets which includes a beautiful tufted headboard and her name is the butterfly bed. This bed decorates any space from your bedroom to a guest room with elegance and strong character. The butterfly bed is available in king or queen size and it is offered to be custom made with your preference of different high quality Italian leathers, and fabrics. Opera contemporary also offers a full collection of not only bed sets, but couches, chairs, tables and dining sets as well.


Bamax slash headboardAnother desirable high-end Italian furniture brand is Bamax. Bamax is recognized in Italy for their luxurious quality furniture and craftsman mastership. All of their furniture is produced in solid wood which guarantees maximum stability and endurance as time passes by. Bamax’s top selling bed is called the Slash bed. This breathtaking bed group has a headboard made from oak and leather. It has ranked up to be one of the favorites among clients and interior designers. Take our word, when we say that the slash bed is beyond your interior decorator’s dream.

Santa Lucia

tod bed set headboard

The last bed group that has a breathtaking headboard is from none other than from our Santa Lucia brand. Santa Lucia is known for their timeless contemporary designs and has earned their place in high-end Italian furniture. She is home to another top selling bed group called; the Tod bed set. This headboard is made from high-quality Italian wood and gives simplicity another name for its elegance and composure.

All of the aforementioned headboards are displayed at the Michelangelo Designs showroom in Passaic, New Jersey. See for yourself, the top three top selling beds Italian manufacturers have created. The yearning for sustainable and aesthetically pleasing furniture doesn’t stop at Michelangelo Designs. Our showroom is just a portal that can take you to different parts of Italy without having to leave the states, and that my friends is the power of furniture design.