An Inspirational European Furniture Store Near Me In Montclair, NJ

As an interior designer, I find that the ageless elegance of European furniture informs my creativity.  I’ve always been a devotee of European design, it’s excellence and innovation.  I employ it in a wide variety of design settings, from classical whispers of the Renaissance to bold contemporary interiors which break with tradition.

The legendary beauty of European furniture has been offered by the Michelangelo Design Center to Trade professionals for three decades.  Discovering the design diversity at Michelangelo’s European furniture store near me in Montclair, NJ was an interior designer’s dream come true.  They’re New Jersey’s source for the unstinting quality of European furniture and a unique opportunity for Trade pros like me to immerse themselves in inspirational elegance.

Michelangelo offers Europe’s longstanding traditions of fine craftsmanship to Trade professionals in our state.  Retailers, architects, real estate developers and fellow interior designers find the sweep of European furniture design history at Michelangelo.  This is where bright design ideas happen.

Michelangelo’s 60,000 square foot warehouse is home to myriad design treasures only a European furniture store near me in Montclair, NJ can offer.  I count on them to spark my creativity.

Endless possibilities.

The design diversity of European furniture is a personal obsession.  At Michelangelo Designs, I have access to its richness and variety.  Michelangelo’s vast selection inspires me, opening the door to interior design excellence and offering me endless creative possibilities.

Trade professionals can create remarkable interior spaces which are highly-customized, at Michelangelo Design Center.  Europe’s most famous designers are all available to Trade pros here, but Michelangelo goes even further.

At their Design Center, Michelangelo offers professionals in the Trade over 1,000 upholstery selections, including precious leathers.  Their vast inventory of materials also features a range of lustrous woods.  The variety on offer allows designers like me to bring a sharper edge to our creative visions.

At Michelangelo, the flexibility I need to design exceptionally beautiful interior spaces for discerning clients is realized.  Their vast range of European furniture is a creative playground.  This European furniture store near me in Montclair, NJ is a place for my imagination to come out and play.

Michelangelo Design’s innovative facility is where European furniture’s ageless elegance meets the design genius of New Jersey Trade pros.  Together, we’re making New Jersey interiors even more stunning.

Michelangelo is the Trade pro’s source for “Made in Europe” quality.  Michelangelo Designs opens the door to the legendary craftsmanship and extraordinary beauty of European furniture for interior designers like me.  It’s where we live out our creatives visions to their fullest potential.

Cure the common at Michelangelo Designs.

At Michelangelo, you’ll experience the superior quality and elegance of Europe’s most storied furniture brands.  They offer Trade pros Europe’s illustrious art history and its millennia of design excellence.

If you’re a Trade professional who admires European design, you’ll find a world of creative inspiration in Michelangelo Design’s European furniture store near me in Montclair, NJ.  Call for an appointment.  Cure the common with Michelangelo.  Unleash your imagination.