Displaying Old and New Luxury Furniture Together

Contemporary interior design is rapidly evolving out of constricting dogmas of consistency of styling.  Disparate styles are now brought together as a matter of routine, creating something entirely new.

This trend is reflected in the Eclectic, Bohemian and Maximalist trends which are dominating the world of home design right now.  Even in the most carefully curated rooms, the modern interior design impulse is toward mixing the old with the new.  But how?

Designers, instead of choosing an era or style, choose unifiers like color, pattern and theme to create rooms with select pieces which don’t need to come from the same era or design school to relate to one another in perfect harmony.

Let’s find out more about displaying old and new luxury furniture together.

Symmetry and line

One of the most important aspects of displaying old and new luxury furniture together is to seek symmetry and to find balance in the lines offered by pieces you already have, or plan on acquiring

Furniture pieces from different eras and design styles can work together when you consider how balanced they are.  For example, things which are a similar or the same color won’t necessarily work, if they’re so diverse in terms of scale and interpretation that they butt up against each other.

Find balance and harmony in lines that speak to and echo one another.  This is a subtle approach to blending eras and styles which takes a little thought but pays tremendous dividends.

From the ground up

When you seek to create harmony between contrasting epochs of design, the floor is always a good place to start.  Seek out a large rug to accent your furniture and create a critical focus for your disparate design elements.

Oriental rugs lend themselves very well to this, with their vibrant colors and patterns, but just as useful is a handloomed rug with a consistent pattern that serves to ground the space it’s in and create context for your design vision.

But geometrics are huge right now, so don’t rule out choosing a rug with a geometric design that’s bold and references original iterations from ethnic weavers.


Now that the rug’s down, it’s time to talk about art and how it can serve to tie your room together.  Modern art is especially effective for this.  Whether representative or abstract, modern art creates a focus which grounds your room in the modern age.  An interesting alternative is modern art referencing classic art pieces from antiquity or later ages.  This ties in with you old/new furniture mix, also.

Go large, accenting your central art piece with smaller pieces that help build on your eclectic theme.

Michelangelo Designs

At Michelangelo Designs, we’ve been bringing the riches of Italian furniture design excellence to the USA since 1985.  Since then, we’ve been marrying that excellence to American ingenuity to create the perfect synthesis.

We import exclusively Italian furniture and make it available exclusively to the Trade, in architecture, real estate development, interior design and retail.

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