The Timeless Sophistication of Italian Dining Room Sets for New Jersey

And warm, inviting dining room is an entertainment nexus many Americans count on to host friends and family.  A table surrounded by family and friends, seated on comfortable, elegant chairs is an icon of hospitality that’s enduring and universal.  Food is love and food eaten at Italian dining room sets in New Jersey is savoured in the presence of a timeless and unparalleled design history.  Today, that timeless elegance can be found at Michelangelo Designs.

Michelangelo is the first and only Italian design center in the United States of America.  Our 20,000 square foot showroom and 60,000 square foot warehouse bring to New Jersey the endless possibilities presented by Italian design to Trade professionals in New Jersey.

Architects, interior designers, and real estate developers come to the design center to source the many ages of Italian furniture design, selecting from dining room sets for New Jersey’s elegant dining rooms, handcrafted by over a dozen of Italy’s premier design houses.

Elegant Italian dining room sets for New Jersey.

Trade professionals know that selecting just the right dining room sets for New Jersey clients makes the difference between a common dining room and one which transcends the common.  At Michelangelo, dining room sets which bring elegance to New Jersey dining rooms are an important part of our center’s mission.

From futuristic modernism, with its clean lines and discreet presence, to designs evoking the ornate intricacy of the Baroque Era, Michelangelo brings dining room sets to New Jersey which reflect the broad sweep of Italian furniture design history.

Possibilities for Trade professionals are limitless at the Michelangelo design center.  We feature a huge selection of dining room sets from Italy’s most acclaimed designers.  Our showroom offers myriad design opportunities for professionals to grace New Jersey’s dining rooms with unparalleled elegance.

We offer Trade pros over 1,000 fabric selections.  A wide selection of exclusive woods is available here, allowing designers to customize our Italian dining room sets with their unique creative vision for discerning clients.

The Michelangelo design center is a creative playground, allowing professionals to give their creativity room to grow in stature and to rise above client expectations.   Our innovative vision brings the sophistication of Italian dining room sets to New Jersey.

Italian dining room sets bring the endless ages of art and design history to New Jersey.  They’re fitting focal points for truly elegant gatherings of family and friends.  Eternal sophistication for unique modern interiors can be seen in all our Italian dining room sets.  At Michelangelo, we present endless opportunities to create something completely unique and enduringly stunning.

Michelangelo – the cure for the common.

Michelangelo invites Trade professionals to call for an appointment.  Experience the incredible variety of our finely-crafted dining room sets for New Jersey.  Your creative vision is supported at the Michelangelo design center with endless potential, fresh ideas, and finely-crafted Italian dining room sets to grace the elegant dining rooms of New Jersey.

Come discover the cure for the common with the elegant sophistication of Italian dining room sets at Michelangelo Designs.