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Top Office Furniture: Diemme

diemme office furnitureDiemme Office Furniture

When you think of office furniture, you’re probably thinking of uncomfortable seating in a waiting area, mundane beige colors and dreary ordinary design structure. For those who work in the corporate environment, the office is where you spent most of the time, it’s literally a home away from home. Thus, it is only fair to the employee that the employer accommodates their hurting backs with ergonomic seating, multifunction desks or simply have the workplace atmosphere feel a little more home like. Many furniture manufactures try to master the art of office furniture, but no one exceeds the elegance and durability like Diemme.

Made 100% in Italy, founded in 1990’s, Diemme is proud of their craftsmanship. This brand’s luxurious high-end office seating can be found in our showroom at Michelangelo Designs. We are the designer’s source for fine Italian furniture.  Michelangelo Designs is proud to carry extravagant furniture under one roof from traditional to transitional and contemporary to modern layouts we bring the latest designs and trends from Italy to your home in the USA. Diemme’s beautiful workmanship is displayed for your convenience and trust us, you will not be disappointed filling your office space with their modern seating.

Diemme is an Italian based furniture manufacture that solely focuses on furnishing office spaces. Their philosophy is to furnish home and office spaces with high quality functional and comforting fixtures that are influenced by traditional and modern designs. From desk chairs, to lobby seating or your executive seating, Diemme has it all.

The way that Diemme meticulously brings your dream furniture into reality is a work of art. They boast over 100 different types of colors all ecofriendly Italian leather and even wool to choose from. All their office, home and contract furniture are produced by the golden hands of their skilled seamstresses in Italy, everything is strictly made by hand. Their designers construct executive chairs with fine and elegant lines and polyurethane foam, office chairs with lumbar support, and they also have a range of compact armchairs for lobby seating. Leveling the aesthetic of any space is Diemme’s goal. There’s no rule book that says that office furniture must be so boring. Therefore, Diemme takes it a step further when creating their modern and contemporary designs.

The average worker spends an average of ten hours a day behind their desk every week.  Just thinking about that, hurts our back! Diemme not only designs high end Italian seating to look great but their main attention gears to the comfortability, and resilience of the back of their desk chairs.  Thus, making Diemme re-create the ergonomic office chair. Nothing else reads made in Italy than elegance and durability. Here, at Michelangelo Designs you’ll be able to test their comfortable office chairs and understand why Diemme office furniture is the best Italian supplier for your corporate company and home. Although there are many other competitors that say they are the best, we beg the differ. Diemme is the epitome of luxurious Italian furniture that delivers maximum comfort and functionality.

Finding high-end Italian designs is no easy task, but here at Michelangelo Designs we make sure you leave with what you are searching for. Diemme is among the many coveted Italian suppliers we work alongside with. Their modern and contemporary models are simple yet intriguing. The delicacy of their fabric stitching is artwork and the comfy seating is just a bonus. Diemme shouts high-end Italian fabrication, trust us when we say that you want them to furnish your office.