Designer Italian furniture in Rutherford, New Jersey

In the annals of art history, the name Michelangelo stands above all others as the apex of artistic beauty and achievement.  No one who’s enjoyed the magnificent experience of standing beneath the murals of the Sistine Chapel doesn’t have a special place for Michelangelo in their hearts.  As one of the architects and drivers of the High Renaissance, it’s Michelangelo who has exerted the greatest influence on the development of Western artistic traditions.

Michelangelo Designs is proud to perpetuate the legendary Michelangelo’s tradition of artistic excellence.  It’s in his tradition and that of the timeless elegance of designer Italian furniture that we bring Rutherford, New Jersey the full breadth of Italy’s millennia-long history of extraordinary design.   Michelangelo Designs is Rutherford’s Italian connection.  We’re the designer Italian furniture company entirely devoted to servicing Trade professionals in Rutherford, New Jersey.  If you’re looking for a cure for the common, Michelangelo is it.

Michelangelo Designs has brought the sophistication of designer Italian furniture to the Trade in Rutherford, New Jersey since 1985.  Over the past three decades, we’ve built our own tradition – that of being Rutherford, New Jersey’s Italian design source.

We’ve established the first and only Italian design center in the USA.  We offer Italy’s proud tradition of extraordinary designer furniture and exceptional quality to Trade professionals.  From interior designers to architects and real estate developers, our Trade clients come to Michelangelo knowing they can source the full breadth of designer Italian furniture.   Our 20,000 square foot showroom and our fully stocked 60,000 square foot warehouse, feature a wide array of Italian furniture design.  We connect Rutherford, New Jersey Trade professionals to Italy’s most prestigious furniture designers.

A creative playground.

Designer Italian furniture is a bridge to artistic history.  From classical evocations of the Roman Imperial Era through sleek, cool contemporary looks, designer Italian furniture is truly a living legacy which brings beauty to homes and businesses.  At Michelangelo Designs, Italy’s tradition of exceptional furniture design is found in one convenient facility.

At Michelangelo Designs in Rutherford, New Jersey, Trade professionals are free to create uniquely breathtaking interior spaces.  Representing the top tier of Italy’s most prestigious and renowned designers, we offer much more than furniture.  Local designers, retailers and architects can choose from over 1,000 fabric selections, including fine leathers.  They can also select from a range of fine woods, allowing Rutherford, New Jersey Trade professionals a singular opportunity sharpen the creative impulse.

In addition to 20,000 unique pieces of designer Italian furniture, we offer professionals in the Rutherford, New Jersey Trade a creative playground.  With us, they can make their design dreams come to life.   Michelangelo Designs’ innovative vision matches Italian sophistication with Rutherford, New Jersey ingenuity.

Cure the common with designer Italian furniture.

Trade professionals, call to book an appointment.  Experience the superior quality and eternal elegance of Rutherford, New Jersey’s designer Italian furniture company of distinction.  Michelangelo Designs offers you a journey through the enduring traditions of designer Italian furniture.  We’re the cure for the common your vision demands.