Michelangelo Designs Brings Italian Coffee and End Tables to New Jersey

The iconic artist, Michelangelo, is an exemplar of Italian art and design excellence.  His name is the foundation of our brand because of that.  Today Michelangelo Designs continues the artistic legacy of this pillar of the Renaissance by bringing Italian furniture to the New Jersey Trade.

Michelangelo Designs has been bringing Italian furniture to Trade professionals in New Jersey since 1985.  Through our Italian design house partnerships, we offer Italian sophistication to the homes and businesses of New Jersey.  We’re the New Jersey Trade’s connection to the unparalleled artistic excellence of Italian furniture.

Michelangelo is the first and only Italian design center in the USA.  We offer Italian furniture’s endless design possibilities to Trade professionals in New Jersey at our warehouse and showroom, where we bring them unlimited opportunities for unique and striking interior design.

Real estate developers, interior designers, and architects visit Michelangelo to source the breathtaking range of Italian furniture design, selecting from pieces that have been hand crafted by over a dozen of Italy’s most respected designers.

Italian coffee and end tables for New Jersey.

Selecting just the right coffee and end tables makes the difference between common and sublime.  At Michelangelo, finishing touches like these are an important part of our design center.  They’re the cure for the common, taking interior design to new heights of detailed sophistication.

From the clean lines of Lugano, to curio tables which bring fascination to client living spaces, displaying personal mementos, Trade professionals can find the ideal coffee and end tables for New Jersey clients, at Michelangelo.

Trade professionals will discover endless possibilities at our design center.  Featuring an enormous selection of coffee and end tables for New Jersey, from Italy’s most acclaimed designers, our showroom’s diversity supports creative vision with unlimited opportunity.

We provide Trade pros with over 1,000 fabric selections, including the finest leathers.  A wide selection of woods is also available here, allowing Trade professionals to grace their design visions with finely customized offerings for discerning clients.

Michelangelo Designs offers Trade professionals a creative playground.  With the visionary diversity of our customizing services, they’re able to offer clients something truly unique.   Our innovative vision brings Italian sophistication to New Jersey ingenuity.

Coffee and end tables for New Jersey are finishing touches every truly integrated and sophisticated interior space needs.  Handcrafted excellence that brings the traditions of the past into modern interiors, can be seen in every piece at Michelangelo.   Italian coffee and end tables for New Jersey homes and businesses bring our state added sophistication.

A cure for the common.

We invite Trade professionals to call for an appointment.  Experience the design diversity of coffee and end tables in New Jersey, at Michelangelo.  Whether your design vision marries the ornate luxury of the Baroque Era to sleek modernism, or incorporates sleek art nouveau into an interior evoking the finest in Old Warm charm, you’ll find the finishing touches at Michelangelo.

Come discover the cure for the common with beautifully-designed coffee and end tables in New Jersey, at Michelangelo Designs.