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How to Choose the Perfect Stool for Your Kitchen, Bar or Game Room

The stool is a fixture in any setting that’s relaxed and informal.  From the bistro to the home game room, to the bar, to the kitchen island, stools are an attractive, comfortable alternative that add another dimension to your home décor scheme.

But there’s a science as to how to choose the perfect stool for your kitchen, bar or game room.  Let’s look at some of the things you need to consider when striking out to find that perfect stool.


The Right Height

Most bar stools are fabricated in four standard heights.  These correspond to table tops, bars, counters and higher surfaces, like bistro tabletops.

But you may desire a flexible alternative, so choosing a model which includes a hydraulic lift to allow for adjustable height is the perfect alternative.  This creates the ability to use them with variable surfaces.

How Many?

Understanding the spacing of stools relative to their width and the available surface area they correspond to determines how many you’ll need.

Some stools are wider than others, with four standard sizes.  For the narrower stools, you’ll need to leave 6 inches between each.  For the wider stools, 8 inches is the accepted distance, allowing for getting in and out and turning the stool to face people sitting in the next one.

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Here’s where it gets personal.  You know what you like and you know what you’re looking for in a stool that works in the environment you’re buying for.

But there are 4 standard categories stools fall into.  These are backless, low back, full back and swivel, with arms.  Much hinges on available space and personal style.  You may envision a hybrid version of one of these styles.  For example, a backless, cowhide swivel stool.

Remember that each style has its advantages and disadvantages, practically speaking.  Backless stools can readily be stored under the lip of the counter, whereas stools with backs can’t do that.  But backless stools off no support for your back.

Stools with a low or mid-rise back offer a little more support and tend to be fabricated in modern design schemes.  Stools with full backs are ideal for working at the kitchen counter or eating around a higher dining table arrangement.

PRO-TIP:  the more time you intend to sit in your bar stool, the more consideration you should give to comfort and support.  The stylish stool you envision may not be ideal for its intended purpose, so be honest with yourself and choose the stool that works with your primary use of it.

A brief cocktail before dinner and assembling a presentation package are two difference activities, requiring two different seating options.

How to choose the perfect stool for your kitchen, bar or game room is about function, form and purpose.  The height of the surface the stool is intended to service is key, but so is comfort and back support (if you intend to sit in it longer).

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