Silik Furniture

silik furniture
  • Founded: 1961
  • Factory: Cantù, Italy
  • Style: Traditional and their contemporary line Creazione

Worlds In Harmony – Silik Furniture.

Founded in 1961, the Silik Furniture company has established itself as a leading purveyor of reproductions which are anything but common.  In an age of globalization and bland conformity, Silik proposes a return to the beauty of uniqueness, quality and finely-detailed craftsmanship.

With uncompromising fidelity to the past, Silik Furniture now continues its grand tradition of challenging the banality of the modern world with superior contemporary furnishings which inject a decided edge into assumptions about modern design.  Silik Creazioni instigates a stimulating conversation between past, present and future.

Tradition in conversation with what’s new and what’s next.

With the Creazioni line, Silik Furniture has established a dialogue between its sumptuously crafted reproductions and the contemporary aesthetic.  Flowing from that dialogue is a vanguard vision of the future.

Seamlessly marrying the past to the present, Silik Creazioni is a world unto itself.  Since 1997, the exceptional vision of Silik CEO, Christina Gattei, has been realized in this line of luxury furniture, garnering the keen attention of the international market.

When two worlds encounter one another, they needn’t collide.  Harmony can be achieved by establishing the design imperatives necessary to create something completely new.  The challenge to the mundane represented by Silik Creazioni is seen in every visionary piece created – in every line, curve and color.

Silik and Creazioni at Michelangelo Designs.

The luxurious design vision of Silik and Creazioni can be found at Michelangelo Designs.  At the first and only Italian Design Center in the USA, we import exclusively Italian furniture, exclusively for the Trade.

Interior designers, retailers, real estate developers and architects will find inspiration in 12 of Italy’s most acclaimed furniture design houses, all under one roof.  But at Michelangelo, we go beyond this exceptional collection.

To the excellence of Italian furniture design, we add 1,000 superlative textiles, encompassing the most sumptuous leathers and opulent woods.  Trade professionals come to Michelangelo to give free rein to their creativity, allowing them to offer clients the unique, sublime and uncommon.

We cure the common.

Since 1985, Michelangelo has been curing the common with the highest level of Italian furniture design, bringing its legendary legacy to the USA.  Our innovative facility offers professionals in the Trade the luxury of an extended grasp, which allows their design visions to take flight.

Silik and Creazioni represent the apex of Italian design, encompassing the sophistication, luxury and exacting craftsmanship Italian furniture is so renowned for.  Find these exemplars of Italy’s design riches, here at Michelangelo.

The cure for the common is exclusively offered to Trade professionals.  Contact us to schedule an appointment and cure the common, with design diversity and customization that lets your creativity out to play.

Visit Michelangelo Designs to challenge the mundane with the extraordinary.

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