Serafino Marelli

serafino marelli
  • Founded: 1965
  • Factory: Como Italy
  • Style: Traditional, Biedermeier, Antique

A Family Tradition Transformed – Serafino Marelli.

In the early days of the 20th Century the Marelli family business was crafting the fine furnishings of the day.  Experts in creating inlaid wood and other distinguished pieces, the Marelli family went on to found Serafino Marelli, in 1965.

The renown of the Marelli family propelled their fortunes ever upward.  Bringing forward their regional reputation for master woodworking, the original focus of Serafino Marelli was the production of exquisite cabinetry.

From this family legacy, Serafino Marelli has become famed for its exceptionally faithful reproductions of furniture from a variety of eras and in a range of styles, including Beidermeier.  Supported by the legendary quality and craftsmanship of Brianza’s woodworking sector, Serafino Marelli continues to create quality reproductions.

The brand’s extraordinarily detailed inlay work and fidelity to tradition are accompanied by an innovative impulse, moving them in a variety of creative directions.  Encompassing the refined tastes of a sophisticated market, Serafino Marelli advances the tradition of artful Italian design and superior quality.

Italian furniture’s inestimable riches.

Michelangelo has been dedicated to bringing the riches of Italian furniture design to the USA’s shores since 1985.  By establishing the first and only Italian Design Center in the United States of America, we’ve created a sterling resource for Trade professionals.

In our showroom and warehouse, you’ll find a dozen of Italy’s most acclaimed furniture design houses, including Serafino Marelli.  To this selection of luxurious brands, we add the inspiration of customization, offering over 1,000 selections of exceptional quality upholstery materials.  Included are extraordinary leathers and lustrous woods.

It’s on this creative playground that Trade professionals in the retail, interior design, real estate development and architecture sectors come to play out their creative visions.  To the luxury and elegance of Italian furniture, we add endless possibilities to satisfy the tastes of the most discerning clients, with fine customization.

Tradition for the modern age.

The traditional methods and processes utilized by Serafino Marelli are available to lovers of fine furnishings, here at Michelangelo.  With master craftmanship that’s been handed down through generations, in an environment which puts skill and quality above all, the inlaid splendor of Serafino Marelli’s storied design lives on, to the delight of those living in the modern age.

At Michelangelo Designs, we take enormous pride in bringing the many ages of Italian design to its admirers here, on the shores of the New World.  Elegance, sophistication and luxury are always in style and those who desire it will find it with us, in Italian brands epitomizing these values.

Exclusively Italian.  Exclusively to the Trade.

Trade professionals desiring a cure for the common come to Michelangelo to find the apex of inspiration.  If you’re ready to cure the common with incomparable Italian design excellence and the limitless possibilities promised by customization, join us.

We invite Trade professionals to contact us to schedule an appointment.

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