Domus Design Furniture

domus design furniture

Sleek. Architectural. Domus Design Furniture Collection.

Internationally recognized and the recipient of numerous design awards, the Domus Design Collection epitomizes the art and craft of Italian furniture in the contemporary style. For sweeping, elegant spaces, Domus creates a unique world, redolent of luxury and comfort.

From innovative lighting solutions to unique cabinetry, Domus takes Italian furniture design to a new level of cool sophistication. Gracing the homes of personalities in the arts and design communities, Domus Design furniture answers the demand for artful living with bold new directions in Italian design.

DDC is an international paragon of style. Called upon by top interior designers, this premier design house’s elegant furnishings can be found in some of the finest homes in nations all over the world.

Domus Design at Michelangelo Designs.

Since 1985, Michelangelo Designs has been bringing the riches of Italian design to the USA. With the first and only Italian Design Center in the United States, Michelangelo has created a creative playground for Trade professionals in real estate development, retail, architecture and interior design.

Domus Design Collection is just one of the exceptional Italian collections featured at our showroom and warehouse. We’ve brought an exclusive selection of Italy’s foremost design houses together in one place, offering professionals in the Trade unlimited possibilities for design excellence.

In addition, we extend your creative grasp with customization. Select from over 1,000 high end textiles, including fine leathers and lustrous woods. This diversity allows you to create one-of-a-kind pieces for clientele who demand something extraordinary.

At Michelangelo, we offer you a cure from the common, freeing you to realize the full potential of your creativity.

The peerless beauty of Italian design.

Italy is internationally renowned for superior design and Domus is one of its leading lights. At the pinnacle of luxury, style and contemporary design excellence, this collection epitomizes the ongoing evolution of the Italian design.

At Michelangelo, we bring you all the ages of Italian design, from neo-classical echoes, to the cutting edge of modernity. Domus is a leader in all aspects of interior design, including lighting which goes beyond illumination, offering a distinct mood and evoking sophisticated elegance. Re-defining the meaning of modernity, DDC forges an entirely new direction in contemporary craftsmanship.

Find Domus Design furniture at Michelangelo and discover this paragon of the modern evolution of Italian design.

Come cure the common.

We invite professionals in the Trade to come cure the common, at Michelangelo Designs. From our exclusive selection of Italian designers, choose your vision and then magnify it with the limitless possibilities offered by customization. We make it possible at Michelangelo.

Your clients demand unparalleled sophistication and outstanding craftsmanship. Join us and source the very apex of Italian design excellence.

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