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An Interior Designer’s Guide to High-End Furniture Stores in New Jersey

High-End Furniture Stores in New JerseyNew York, Newark, and Jersey City boast the country’s highest interior designer employment rates. So it’s perhaps unsurprising that there are high-end furniture stores in New Jersey. 

But having so many choices can be confusing. How do you know which store provides the best service and stocks the highest quality furniture?

After all, as an interior designer, you’re spending your client’s money not your own. And with that comes the responsibility to make not just the right choices but the ones perfect for your client’s needs.

Luxury furniture isn’t one-size-fits-all. Most pieces come in limited editions with the customization and bespoke options and sometimes have to be imported from a catalog. You need to work with a store that understands the luxury furniture market in New Jersey inside and out.

Read on to find out how to find the right vendor for you and your client, whether you specialize in residential or commercial interior design.

The Furniture Pieces Are High Quality

As an interior designer, the number one feature to look for in an NJ furniture store is whether they carry high-quality items. But how do you know if a piece is of high quality?

For new furniture, you want to look for wood furniture that’s solid wood rather than MDF or other cheap composites with disguising finishes. Metal should be stainless steel, bronze, copper, aluminum, or wrought iron. The coatings and platings should be free from rust, chips, or scratches.

Look for furniture that uses leather rather than vinyl and marble over cheaper types of stone, and always ask what materials are used to confirm their luxury status.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brands a store stocks, look the names up online to find out more about them.

Are the brands regularly reported on in interior design magazines? Are they European brands? (Nordic or Italian brands make some of the world’s best quality furniture.)

Regarding vintage furniture and antiques, there’s a bit more to it. Ask the company if they can prove the piece’s authenticity. For example, they may have original documentation accompanying it, such as the original owner’s purchase receipt, the original warranty, and more.

When examining pieces, look for well-known maker’s marks or brand names.

Aim for Value Over Price

If you’re creating interiors for luxury clients, they’ll want high-end furniture. And they’ll typically have the budgets to match.

While there are bargains regarding furniture, it’s usually only very dedicated antique dealers heading to yard sales at 6 am who’ll find them. So don’t expect furniture to be where you can save money on a project.

This means looking for brand-name furniture pieces, which are often imported into the United States from places like Italy or Demark. These countries have a reputation for producing furniture that uses the highest quality materials and possesses the most outstanding comfort, functionality, innovation, and beauty.

Of course, they’ll likely have a price tag to match. So if you’re trying to find the best high-end furniture store, look for one that sells its furniture at a premium.

Listen to What People Are Saying

Similarly to shopping for, well, anything, it’s vital to spend some time researching your options.

Regarding furniture stores in New Jersey, you can start by asking colleagues, peers, and industry connections for their recommendations. Most interior designers and others in the design field have preferred providers and they’re preferred for a reason.

They offer the most dedicated service, stock coveted furniture brands, and are willing to work with a designer’s budget.

Once you have a shortlist of stores to consider, it’s time to head online. Look up the company on Google maps and read the reviews. A few bad reviews likely mean nothing but slash the store from your list if there is an overwhelming number of negative reviews. You can also check places like the Better Business Bureau to get an idea of the store’s reliability.

Check, too, the store’s website.

How long have they been in operation? Do they sell online as well as in-store? See if they have any customer testimonials online.

Look for a High Standard of Service

Once you have a shortlist of stores, it’s time to narrow them down by considering their customer service capabilities.

As an interior designer, you’re a busy professional likely working to tight deadlines. You want a furniture store partner who understands what furniture your project might need, can pick out or source brands and pieces quickly, and knows what customizations are available.

Call the stores on your shortlist and ask them some questions:

  • Do you have a dedicated showroom in New Jersey?
  • Is someone on staff willing to meet you and discuss their furniture options in person?
  • What brands do you stock, and where do they come from?
  • How quickly can you get pieces to my job site?
  • How does your delivery service work, and what are the costs?
  • Do you offer industry discounts?

Ask, too, if they have online ordering options available, and don’t forget to peruse their catalogs before making that initial call.

Finding the Best High-End Furniture Stores in New Jersey

Are you keen to lock in your preferred partner among the high-end furniture stores in New Jersey?

Don’t rush into this crucial partnership. Ask your peers and other industry specialists, read reviews and customer feedback, and analyze store catalogs. Quiz customer service staff on their sourcing expertise, customization options, and delivery and return policies.

Or, if you want to skip all that and work with the best, consider Michelangelo Designs. We’ve been in the luxury Italian furniture business since 1985 and carry three centuries of furniture under our roof.

Contact our expert team today to visit our 40,000-square-foot showroom. See for yourself the quality pieces we have on offer.