A Luxury Furniture Store Near Me In Clifton, NJ

Luxury furniture can transform an otherwise mediocre living space into a work of art.  As an interior designer, the ageless elegance of luxury furniture fires my creativity.  I include it in all kinds of interiors, from renaissance settings to sleek contemporary designs which speak to the future.

Michelangelo Designs has brought the sophistication of luxury furniture to the Trade in New Jersey since 1985.  I was amazed to discover the incredible selection at Michelangelo’s luxury furniture store near me in Clifton, NJ.  They’re New Jersey’s source for the lush beauty of luxury furniture and a chance for Trade pros like me to set their creative spirits free.

Michelangelo Designs offers the finest craftsmanship to Trade professionals in New Jersey.  Retailers, real estate developers, architects and fellow interior designers will find the full sweep of luxury furniture design at Michelangelo.  It’s where I get some of my best ideas.

Michelangelo’s 60,000 square foot warehouse is home to the limitless riches only a luxury furniture store near me in Clifton, NJ of this quality can share.  I rely on them to fire my imagination and inform my creativity.

The cure for the common.

The design diversity of luxury furniture is my creative obsession.  At Michelangelo Designs, I have access to that diversity.  Michelangelo’s vast range of luxury furniture is a cure for the common that sparks my imagination and ability to bring my vision to life.

Trade professionals can design interior spaces which are finely customized, at Michelangelo Design Center.  The most acclaimed designers in the world are all on offer here, but Michelangelo takes it even further than that.

They offer professionals in the Trade over 1,000 fabric choices, including fine leathers.  Their vast array of materials even features a range of lustrous woods.  This endless variety permits designers like me to bring an extra edge of elegance to our visions.

At Michelangelo, the variety I need to create inspiring interior spaces for discerning clients is completely realized.  Their enormous range of luxury furniture is a creative playground.  This luxury furniture store near me in Clifton, NJ is where my imagination takes flight.

Michelangelo Designs’ exceptional model is where luxury furniture’s plush sophistication meets the design prowess of local Trade pros.  Together, we’re making New Jersey a more elegant place.

Michelangelo is the source for fine furniture excellence.    Eternally elegant.  Notably stunning.  Michelangelo Designs swings wide the door to the craftsmanship and beauty of luxury furniture for interior designers, enabling us to hone the creative impulse.

Michelangelo Designs – take flight.

At Michelangelo, you’ll be treated to the superior quality and elegance of the most acclaimed furniture brands available in their showroom and warehouse.  They offer Trade pros unparalleled access to the very best that luxury furniture brings to their design projects.

If you’re a Trade professional who adores luxury design as I much as I do, you’ll find inspiration in Michelangelo Designs’ luxury furniture store near me in Clifton, NJ.  Call for an appointment.  Take flight with Michelangelo Designs.