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A Clever Use of Space with Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Did you know that the average bedroom in the United States is around 132 square feet? A bedroom of this size can easily accommodate a queen bed. However, the problem with most bedrooms is that the bed takes up so much space that the bedroom ends up looking cramped and much smaller than it really is. 

Of course, the last thing anyone wants is for their bedroom to look cramped and for it to feel like an uncomfortable space. Fortunately, when it comes to contemporary bedroom furniture, there are quite a few ways you can use the space in your bedroom in clever ways. As a result, your bedroom will have more space for furniture, and it will look more spacious in general.

Keep reading and learn more about tips for bedroom furniture arrangement.

Use the Minimalist Furniture Style

If you have no idea how you can provide your bedroom with more space, the solution is to use the minimalist furniture style. Minimalism is all about using only a few pieces of furniture while still making your home look stylish.

Minimalist furniture is sleek, streamlined, and functional. Minimalist bedroom furniture style won’t have a bunch of unnecessary decorations or knickknacks. This is what makes this style so ideal for making your bedroom appear larger and more spacious.

This is not to mention that minimalist furniture is constructed in such a way that it doesn’t take up much space. Usually, the furniture is very light and airy so you can move it wherever you want. You will find that even minimalist bed frames and headboards are very slim and sleek, and that way, no space is wasted.

The Details

This style is especially good if your bedroom is very small. But keep in mind that minimalism is more than just the type of furniture that you buy. It is also about certain shapes and designs, or rather, lack of designs.

You will find that furniture that has intricate designs on it can look very nice in a large room. But when you put that same furniture in a small room, the designs can start to clutter together and make the entire room feel jumbled and cramped. This is the last thing you want when it comes to your bedroom, and minimalism can solve that problem.

Almost every piece of minimalist furniture is made of a solid shade. You won’t find any intricate designs or anything that has bold colors. This does not mean that this style is bland, but rather, it is very smooth and sophisticated.

Contemporary bedroom lighting can also be helpful. The more light your bedroom has, the brighter and more spacious it will appear. Of course, avoid using lights that are too bright as they might be too distracting or even annoying.

You can always add a dimmer to your light switch. That way, you will be able to control exactly how much light you want your bedroom to have.

Experiment with the Position of the Bed

Many people think that the bed always has to be front and center, but this isn’t necessarily true, especially not if your bedroom is on the smaller side. If you put your bedroom in the center of the room with the headboard up against the wall, you may find that the bed takes up far too much space. Besides that, the bed will make the room look even smaller as a result.

The way to fix this is by moving the bed. A great place to move it is into the corner of the room. This way, the majority of your room will have plenty of space to work with.

You might even be able to fit a desk and chair on the other side of the room when you do this. It will still be easy to get into bed as well. If you don’t like the idea of having the bed in the corner, there are also other solutions you can try.

For example, you can get a bed that has storage space underneath it. The bed will still look quite streamlined, but you will have the opportunity to store plenty of things in it. That way, you won’t need an extra dresser that will only take up more precious space.

The fewer pieces of furniture you have in your bedroom, the more space you will have to work with. You will have more space to add wall art, curtains, or anything else that you might want.

Using Mirrors

If you really want your bedroom to look larger, you should use mirrors. By putting large mirrors in your room, the reflection will make your room look larger without any effort.

If you don’t like the idea of having very large mirrors in your room, you can always settle for smaller mirrors. Even small mirrors will still have the ability to make your room look larger. This is because they mimic the appearance of windows (which also make a space look larger).

A large mirror can even make a small space look twice as large as it really is. You will want to avoid mirrors with thick or large frames as these frames can counteract the enlarging effect of the mirrors themselves.

What You Need to Know About Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to contemporary bedroom furniture, there are many ways in which you can experiment with it to improve the space in your bedroom. By using minimalism, adjusting the position of your bed, and using mirrors, your room will look and feel more spacious in no time.

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